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The original soundtrack for D.Gray-Man Hallow, composed and arranged by Kaoru Wada.

It has 40 tracks in total on a single CD, and comes with a booklet which lists the tracks, music, production, and animation staff, as well liner notes for each track.  

Track List[]

No. English Japanese Duration
01 Message メッセージ 1:45
02 Offence and Defence 攻防 1:19
03 The Earl of Millennium <The 1st Apostle> 千年伯爵<第1の使徒> 2:09
04 The Black Order <Exorcists> 黒の教団<エクソシスト> 2:06
05 Scheme 謀略 1:38
06 The 14th's Awakening 14番目の覚醒 1:23
07 Path of Fate 宿命の道 1:48
08 Hearst Orphanage ハースト孤児院 1:30
09 Divine Possession <Tsukikami> 憑神<ツキカミ> 1:17
10 Timothy's Riot ティモシーの騒動 1:18
11 Goodbye 別れの時 2:48
12 Rest With Your Comrades 仲間達との休息 1:17
13 Wrapped in Warmth 温もりに包まれて 1:35
14 Yu Kanda <New Version> 神田ユウ <新バージョン> 1:28
15 Alma's Smile アルマの笑顔 1:47
16 The Lotus Flower 蓮華の花 1:58
17 Alma's Feelings アルマの想い 1:48
18 In Order to Live 生きるために 1:34
19 Runaway Alma Karma 暴走するアルマ=カルマ 1:36
20 Back to the Exorcist 再びエクソシストへ 1:59
21 That Person あの人 1:55
22 Land of Demise <Mater> 終焉の地<マテール> 2:35
23 The Ambition of Noah ノアの野望 1:27
24 The Battle Within 戦いの中で 1:53
25 Confrontation 対峙 1:17
26 Akuma Threat AKUMAの脅威 1:23
27 Counterattack II 逆襲II 1:22
28 Akuma Attack AKUMA襲来 1:32
29 Fierce Battle II 激戦II 1:23
30 Threat of Noah ノアの脅威 1:29
31 The Third Exorcist 第三エクソシスト 1:29
32 Light of Innocence イノセンスの光 1:42
33 Memories of Childhood 幼き日の思い出 1:58
34 Psalm of Sorrow 悲しみの詩編 1:52
35 Disquiet 不穏 1:16
36 To Battle 戦闘へ 1:27
37 Swarm Attack II 群襲II 1:10
38 Nea ネア 1:32
39 The Comdemnation of Noah ノアの断罪 1:52
40 Allen Walker II アレン・ウォーカーII 1:48

Liner Notes[]

Track Liner Notes[1]
Message The message left by Cross Marian to Allen at the beginning of episode one. From here the story of HALLOW begins.
Offence and Defence Music for the battle between Exorcists and Akuma using Allen’s theme.
The Earl of Millennium <The 1st Apostle> The theme of the Earl of Millennium. Arrangement of the previous work.
The Black Order <Exorcists> Arrangement of the previous work “Black Order Exorcist”. Music that expresses a classical style magnificence.
Scheme Represents the circumstances surrounding various schemes which swirl amongst the Noah Family as well as the upper echelons of the Black Order.
The 14th's Awakening The anxiety and fear as the 14th’s memories within Allen gradually surface.
Path of Fate A piece that gives the image of Allen’s resolution and determination to keep walking as an Exorcist.
Hearst Orphanage A song for the orphanage where Timothy is lodging. A triple time waltz which gives the image of the French Countryside.
Divine Possession <Tsukikami> Timothy has Innocence with the ability to fight by possessing Akuma. His name is Tsukikami and his outfit gives off a slightly Japanese mood.
Timothy's Riot Timothy rampages by having Tsukikami possess/use an Akuma as a weapon. Gives the image of a young boy who fights for the sake of his beloved Mother Superior and Emilia.
Goodbye Timothy and Mother Superior will be separated. It’s a difficult farewell, though they believe they will meet again some day.
Rest With Your Comrades An arrangement of “A day in the Order”. A fleeting moment of rest with fun friends.
Wrapped in Warmth A piece that gives the image of happy memories with his comrades and Mana.
Yu Kanda <New Version> A track from the previous work—it gave a strong image of a Japanese person, but in Hallow it expresses the feelings and strength when thinking of “that person.”
Alma's Smile Alma was born with the unfortunate fate of a Second Exorcist. Gives the image of wanting to become friends with Yu and accosting him with a smiling face.
The Lotus Flower “That person”, who appears in Kanda’s mind. A piece that simply represents the beauty of a lotus flower.
Alma's Feelings When Alma goes to save Yu from the Order, he comes to realise the true purpose of the Second Exorcist Program.
In Order to Live Kanda carries the fate of a Second Exorcist together with Alma. There is a sorrowful battle.
Runaway Alma Karma Alma turns into an Akuma and there is a life or death struggle between him and Kanda. What lies ahead...
Back to the Exorcist After staying with Alma in Mater until he died, Kanda reappears at the Order. He decided to become an Exorcist of his own free will.
That Person Kanda thinks about “that person”. Gives the image of them waiting for Kanda in a garden of Lotus flowers.
Land of Demise <Mater> A place in Mater where no one will interfere with Alma’s last moments. Arrangement of “Lala’s Lullaby”.
The Ambition of Noah Arranged using the “Noah’s Theme”—expresses suspense and coldheartedness.
The Battle Within A piece which expresses Allen’s feelings and uneasiness about being both an Exorcist and the 14th Noah.
Confrontation A piece which holds the feeling of tension in a critical situation, being confronted with the Noah Family and Akuma.
Akuma Threat Arrangement of the previous work “Malignant Weapon Akuma”.  It is often used in battle scenes with Akuma.
Counterattack II Arrangement of the previous work “Counterattack”. Music for when the Exorcists are in a pinch.
Akuma Attack This is also a piece used for an Akuma attack. Gives the image of the powerful force and the attacks of innumerable Akuma.
Fierce Battle II Arrangement of the previous work “Fierce Battle”. A composition filled with the feeling of speed, arranged using Allen’s theme.
Threat of Noah The Noah Family holds absolute power. A piece which gives a serious and mighty image.
The Third Exorcist The Central Office Battle Corp, known as “CROW”, but as Third Exorcists, a fateful tragedy awaits them.
Light of Innocence The key to winning the Holy War is the God’s Crystal, “Innocence”. A piece which expresses mystery.
Memories of Childhood Gives the image of reminiscing about the happy days a young Allen and Mana spent together.
Psalm of Sorrow A piece which expresses the many sacrifices, betrayals and coldheartedness of battle.
Disquiet The synthesiser creates a suspenseful sound in the background while the Oud, a Middle Eastern Instrument, plays an eerie melody.
To Battle The Akuma make their entrance and confront the Exorcists—they head into battle.
Swarm Attack II Arrangement of “Swarm Attack”. A piece for the mighty Akuma.
Nea A piece that expresses the eeriness and many mysteries of Nea, to both the Noah Family and the Exorcists. It also represents Allen’s conflict.
The Condemnation of Noah The Noah Family are menacingly approaching. With the Noah’s absolute destructive power the Exorcists are...
Allen Walker II Arrangement of “Allen Walker”, which is the main theme of the previous work. The orchestra further expressed the sense of intensity.

Music Staff[]

Music Staff[2]
Composed, Arranged & Produced Kaoru Wada
Strings Shinozaki Strings
Flute, Quena, Panpipe, Recorder Takashi Asahi
Oboe Satoshi Shoji
Clarinet Kimio Yamane
Fagotto Toshitsugu Inoue
Horn Masato Yoshinaga, Yoshiyuki Uema, Hirofumi Wada
Trumpet Osamu Takahashi, Toshio Tanaka, Masaki Sugimoto
Trombone Koh Ikegami, Hiroshi Kurata, Ryota Fujii
Tuba Shinpei Tsugita
Harp Yo Saito
Percussion Midori Takada, Kyoko Kato, Takafumi Fujita
Ethnic Percussion Ikuo Kakehashi
Greek & Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin, Oud, Guitar Koichiro Tashiro
Synth Operator Nobuhiko Nakayama
Recording & Mixing Engineer Masahiro Yamada (BEAT)
Assistant Engineer Taiyou Nakayama (Sound City)
Musician Coordinate Emari Mamiya (Tableau)
Recording Studio Sound City studio Ast
Recording Date 04/04/2016
Mastering Engineer Machiko Suzue (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)
Mastering Studio Sony Music Studios Tokyo


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