D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

The second Original Soundtrack for the D.Gray-Man anime, with tracks 2-28 composed and arranged by Kaoru Wada.

It contains 31 tracks on a single CD, including TV sizes of the second opening song "Brightdown" as well as the third and fourth ending songs "To the Continuation of the Dream" and "Antoinette Blue".

Track List[]

No. English Japanese Duration
01 Brightdown (TV size) Brightdown (TV size) 1:31
02 Black Order 黒の教団 1:24
03 With My Friends 仲間と共に 1:10
04 Successor Lavi 継承者ラビ 2:50
05 Bookman ブックマン 1:05
06 Arystar Krory アレイスター・クロウリー 1:40
07 Castle of the Vampire 吸血鬼の城 1:12
08 Eliade's Love エリアーデとの愛 1:40
09 Tyki Mikk ティキ・ミック 2:54
10 Message from the Earl of Millennium 千年公からのメッセージ 2:22
11 The Fallen ~Suman Dark~ 咎落ち ~スーマン・ダーク~ 2:57
12 Akuma Attack AKUMA襲来 1:20
13 Strange Space 異空間 1:16
14 The Noah Room ノア部屋 1:46
15 Rest from the Journey 旅の休息 1:23
16 Allies of the Black Order 教団の仲間たち 1:27
17 Komui's Laboratory コムイの実験室 1:07
18 In the Middle of the Journey 旅の途中で 1:02
19 Awakening of Love 恋心 1:31
20 New Encounter 新たな出会い 1:16
21 Reunion 再会 1:28
22 Healing the Spirit 魂の癒し 2:35
23 Black Forest 黒い森 1:17
24 Conspiracy 陰謀 2:08
25 Time for a Decision 決断の時 1:08
26 An Impending Crisis 迫り来る危機 1:13
27 Swarm Attack 群襲 1:09
28 Counterattack 逆襲 1:21
29 Towards Battle 再び戦いへ 2:36
30 To the Continuation of the Dream (TV Size) 夢の続きへ (TV size) 1:31
31 Antoinette Blue (TV Size) アントワネットブルー (TV size) 1:32

Liner Notes[]

Music Staff[]

Music Staff
Composed, Arranged & Produced Kaoru Wada
Flute, Quena, Panpipe, Recorder
Ethnic Percussion
Greek & Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin, Oud, Guitar
Synth Operator
Recording & Mixing Engineer
Assistant Engineer
Musician Coordinate
Recording Studio
Recording Date
Mastering Engineer
Mastering Studio

Openings and Endings
Brightdown Composed Miki Fujisue
Arranged nishi-ken
Lyrics Miki Fujisue
Vocals Nami Tamaki
To the Continuation of the Dream Composed Kazuhiro Hara
Arranged Kazuhiro Hara
Lyrics Yoshiharu Shiina
Vocals surface
Antoinette Blue Composed Hiroo Yamaguchi
Arranged Masaki Iehara
Lyrics Nana Kitade
Vocals Nana Kitade