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The third Original Soundtrack for the D.Gray-Man anime, with tracks 1 and 4-29 composed and arranged by Kaoru Wada.

It contains 33 tracks on a single CD, including TV sizes of the third and fourth opening songs "Doubt & Trust" and "Gekidou", as well as the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth ending songs "The Reason Why You Are Here", "Wish", "Regret" and "Changin'". 

Track List[]

No. English Japanese Duration
01 The Earl's Monologue 伯爵のモノローグ 1:31
02 Doubt & Trust (TV size) Doubt & Trust ~ダウト&トラスト~ (TV size) 1:33
03 Gekidou (TV size) 激動 (TV size) 1:33
04 Crown Clown 神ノ道化 1:11
05 Premonition 予感 2:49
06 Friends of the Asian Branch アジア支部の仲間たち 2:28
07 Bak and For バクとフォー 2:18
08 Anita アニタ 1:12
09 Men of the Sea 海の男達 2:46
10 Level 3 レベル3 1:42
11 Arrival in Japan 日本上陸 1:13
12 Chomesuke ちょめ助 1:09
13 The Ark's Appearance 方舟出現 1:26
14 Melody of Grievance 嘆きの旋律 1:44
15 Noah's Memory ノアズ メモリー 2:42
16 Exorcist VS Noah エクソシスト vs ノア 2:17
17 Jasdevi ジャスデビ 3:33
18 Tyki Awakens ティキ覚醒 1:37
19 Lavi's Despair ラビの苦悩 1:13
20 Determined to Fight 戦いへの決意 2:03
21 Good News 福音 1:33
22 Joined Hands Sealed with a Kiss つないだ手にキスを 4:43
23 To Home ホームへ 1:36
24 Malcolm C. Lvellie マルコム・C・ルベリエ 1:55
25 Headquarters Attacked 本部襲撃 2:49
26 Cross Marian クロス・マリアン 2:46
27 Darkness 4 Darkness 4 2:19
28 Red Resolve アカノカクゴ 1:04
29 next stage next stage 2:42
30 The Reason Why You Are Here (TV size) あなたがここにいる理由 (TV size) 1:32
31 Wish (TV size) Wish (TV size) 1:37
32 Regret (TV size) regret (TV size) 1:36
33 Changin’ (Stephanie Only ver.) (TV Size) Changin’ (Stephanie Only ver.) (TV size) 1:30

Liner Notes[]

Track Liner Notes[1]
The Earl's Monologue The Earl of Millennium always has an eerie smile. The story begins with this monologue. The Earl's theme is created by playing the cembalo and toy piano. 
Doubt & Trust (TV size) N/A.
Gekidou (TV size) N/A
Crown Clown The evolution of Allen’s Innocence. An arrangement of Allen’s theme which creates a magnificent and powerful image.
Premonition Allen senses the existence of another person, and then Lenalee has a nightmare. This piece gives the image of each premonition of the future.
Friends of the Asian Branch Music for the friends at the Asian Branch. A lot of folk instruments from Asian Countries have been used in order to express an exotic atmosphere.
Bak and For The theme of the Branch Chief of the Asian Branch, who has feelings for Lenalee, Bak Chang, and the Guardian Deity For. A Chinese Flute is used to play For’s melody.
Anita Brothel proprietress Anita. In reality she is a warrior and a Black Order supporter, who loves Cross dearly. Gives the image of a leader who has strength and the tenderness of a woman.
Men of the Sea The theme of the crew who head to Japan with Allen and the others. A representation of their strong spirit as they put their lives on the line in battle for the sake of the Exorcists.
Level 3 Evolved Akuma. Battle music which represents how its mighty power is beyond the imagination of Lavi and the others.
Arrival in Japan As they land in Japan, the Earl of Millennium and Akuma are laying in wait. The whole area is completely dominated.
Chomesuke Chomesuke, an Akuma remodelled by Cross, guides Lavi and the others around Japan. Represents a sometimes comical and tottering character.
The Ark's Appearance The Ark appears before Allen and the others. The fate of those who were transferred there is... ! Gives the image of appearing in an ominous, crumbling space.  
Melody of Grievance A Melody of Grievance emits from Marie’s strings and causes Akuma to collapse. The Saintly Psalm is created with a pipe organ.
Noah's Memory The Noah with the memory of Wrath, Skinn Bolic. The image of the stigmata materialising and his transformation into a Noah with the memory of Wrath is created using chorus and orchestra.
Exorcist VS Noah Music for the Exorcist’s battle against the Noah Family. An arrangement of the Noah’s theme with the feeling of being ready to fight.
Jasdevi The first half is Devit and Jasdero’s theme. Then Jadero’s theme is composed of three pieces of music when the two Noah become one.
Tyki Awakens Tyki runs wild when his inner Noah is severed. Tyki’s power was not as mighty as this before. It’s a tough fight for Allen!
Lavi's Despair Lavi is bewitched by Road’s technique. What he saw there was…
This is a piece which represents the hardships of Lavi’s past.
Determined to Fight The theme of Chaozii as he uses the thoughts of Anita and the rest of the crew to awaken as an Exorcist. Gives the image of inspiring courage.
Good News Gives the image of the salvation and compassion Allen has during battle. The chorus, female vocals and pipe organ express a spiritual image.
Joined Hands Sealed with a Kiss Allen plays the piano with the 14th’s guidance. Then he hears singing inside his head...
To Home An arrangement of Allen’s theme which is uneasy and quiet. Gives the image of returning home after the huge sacrifices that had been made.
Malcolm C. Lvellie Inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie. Will take any measures necessary to fulfil his objective--this creates a serious image.
Headquarters Attacked When Lulu Bell and an army of Akuma launch their attack on headquarters, the Exorcists and Generals fight back. A magnificent action song.
Cross Marian Cross harbours a distrust of the Order. He has two fragments of Innocence, Maria and Judgement, and this piece gives the image of him being able to strike and destroy any kind of opponent.
Darkness 4 An Akuma evolved to Level 4. However, this phase makes it look like a person. This piece expresses its simple brutality and uncanny power.
Red Resolve Lenalee drinks her evolved Innocence, which is now a Crystal Type. With this power she is able to drive the Level 4 into a corner.
next stage A piece which gives the image of Allen and the others walking home when the battle is finished, and rebuilding headquarters.
The Reason Why You Are Here  N/A
Wish N/A
Regret N/A
Changin' N/A

Music Staff[]

Music Staff
Composed, Arranged & Produced Kaoru Wada
Strings Masatsugu Shinozaki Group
Flute Takashi Asahi
Oboe Satoshi Shoji
Clarinet Tadashi Hoshino
Fagotto Masashi Maeda, Yoshihide Kiryu
Horn Masato Yoshinaga, Yasushi Katsumata, Junji Takemura, Hitoshi Imai, Hirofumi Wada
Trumpet Shigeo Ohkura, Koji Okazaki, Takaya Hattori, Junichiro Sugiki, Kazuhiko Ichikawa
Trombone Kou Okumura, Hisato Yamaguchi, Noboru Ogino, Koichi Nonoshita, Ryota Fujii, Nobuko Miyashita
Tuba Kazuhiko Sato, Isao Watanabe
Harp Tomoyuki Asakawa
Timpani Midori Takada, Takafumi Fujita
Percussion  Mari Kotake, Christopher Hardy, Marie Ooishi, Maki Susukida
Ethnic Percussion Ikuo Kakehashi, Christopher Hardy
Vocal Eri Kawai
Chorus Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus
Kena Pan-pipe Takashi Asahi
Oud. / Buzouki / Acoustic Guitar Koichiro Tashiro
Synth Operator Kaoru Wada
Recording & Mixing Engineer Masahiro Yamada (BEAT)
Assistant Engineer Yuichi Kaneko/Yoshinori Kashiwagura (AVACO CREATIVE STUDIOS INC)
Musician Coordinate Fumio Takano (Tokyo Chamber Music Society)
Recording Date
Mastering Engineer Masao Nakazato (Onkio Haus)
Mastering Studio Onkio Haus

Openings and Endings
Doubt & Trust Composed Daisuke Asakura
Arranged Daisuke Asakura
Lyrics Akio Inoue
Vocals access
Gekidou (Upheaval) Composed TAKUYA∞
Arranged UVERworld, Satoru Hiraide
Lyrics TAKUYA∞ 
Vocals UVERworld
The Reason Why You Are Here Composed Rie fu
Arranged Masanori Sasaji, Rie fu
Lyrics Rie fu
Vocals Rie fu
Wish Composed Shinichiro Murayama
Arranged Shinichiro Murayama, Yuichiro Goto
Lyrics Sowelu 
Vocals Sowelu
Regret Composed Mai Hoshimura
Arranged Hideyuki "Daichi" Suzuki
Lyrics Mai Hoshimura
Vocals Mai Hoshimura
Changin’ (Stephanie Only ver.) Composed Joe Rinoie
Arranged Joe Rinoie, Seikou Nagaoka, Seikou Nagaoka
Lyrics Stephanie, mavie
Vocals Stephanie

Insert Songs
Joined Hands Sealed with a Kiss Composed Kaoru Wada
Arranged Kaoru Wada
Lyrics Katsura Hoshino
Vocals Sanae Kobayashi


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