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The D.Gray-man: Reverse novels are three novels written by Kaya Kizaki and published by Shueisha. Illustrations within the novels were provided by D.Gray-man (Manga) series author, Katsura Hoshino.

The first novel was released on May 30, 2005 and the second was released July 4, 2006, and the third on December 3, 2010.

Volume 1: The Traveling Clergyman[]

Main article: The Traveling Clergyman (volume)


The first volume

Chapter 1: The Traveling Clergyman[]

Main article: The Traveling Clergyman  This chapter focuses on Allen Walker as he tries to make his way to the Exorcist HQ. As he cannot find its exact location, he visits a woman simply called Mother in hopes of being guided by her, as she was one of his master's patrons. Mother, however, agrees to help him if he helps a certain girl in town who has recently lost her loved one.

Chapter 2: The Village Where the Witch Dwells[]

Main article: The Village Where the Witch Dwells The first chapter focuses on Kanda's mission to recover missing finders in a village where a witch is rumored to live. It takes place just before Allen's arrival at the Black Order and elaborates on Kanda's search for someone.

Chapter 3: Bak Chang's Capriccio[]

Main article: Bak Chang's Capriccio This chapter mainly focuses on Bak Chang, the Branch Head of the Asian Branch, as he tries to find out how Komui Lee was elected as European Branch Head and not him. He plans to have Komui drink the "Tea of Truth" which, when consumed, causes the drinker to willingly reveal their secrets.

Volume 2: The 49th Name[]

Main article: The 49th Name (volume)


The second volume

Chapter 1: 1,000 Tragedies[]

Main article: 1,000 Tragedies The first chapter of the second volume focuses on the Earl of Millennium and follows him on his search for people to turn into Akuma. It is written in a storybook format.

Chapter 2: The 49th Name[]

Main article: The 49th Name The second chapter focuses on Lavi and his struggle to maintain his impartial outlook as a Bookman. It takes place shortly before Lavi and Bookman meet Allen and Lenalee in the Rewinding Town.

Chapter 3: Black Order's Reunion Party[]

Main article: The Black Order's Reunion Party The third chapter serves as comic relief. It recounts a party held at the Black Order by Komui Lee.

Volume 3: Lost Fragment of Snow[]


The third volume

Chapter 1: The Maiden's Rhapsody[]

Main article: The Maiden's Rhapsody The first chapter focuses on Rohfa, who gets a view of the many romances in the Black Order as she searches for Allen.

Chapter 2: Lost Fragment of Snow[]

Main article: Lost Fragment of Snow This chapter reveals the meeting of Allen and Mana. It is tied to chapter 166, The Truth.