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Hello and welcome to the D.Gray-Man Encyclopedia, a wiki dedicated to D.Gray-Man, a series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

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Set in a fictional 19th century, D.Gray-Man is the story of Allen Walker, who joins an organisation named the Black Order, and becomes an Exorcist. The Order's purpose is to put a stop to The Earl of Millennium's plans to destroy humanity with his army of Akuma.

Allen, along with his fellow Exorcists, is able to fight against Akuma using an ancient substance named Innocence, which is the only thing able to destroy them. However, the holy war only intensifies when the Earl gathers the Noah Family, superhuman descendants of Noah, who abhor and have the ability to destroy Innocence.

Both sides soon begin their search for the Heart—the most powerful piece of Innocence—which will ensure victory to the side that finds it.

Recent Chapter

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Chapter 237 Cover.png

Night 237: Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Red and Mana

Upon hearing about Red's intimidating encounter with a man "dressed as a priest", Mana runs off in search of him, thinking that it is Nea.

Read the full summary here.

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Random Featured Article
Socalo Hallow.png Winters Socalo is a general Exorcist of the European Branch of the Black Order. He is the leader of Socalo Unit

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This world is dark and it's so hard to breathe... but in this instant, when I laughed along with you, I felt that breathing just got a little more easier
— Yu Kanda's feeling regarding that person.

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