This is the Blog and Talk Page Policy of the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia.


Comments and Talk Pages

  • Please remain civil in discussions
  • In disagreements, please do politely explain your reasons for taking a contrary stance or your reason for objection
  • Do not post - or publicly discuss - inappropriate content
  • Do not post - or publicly discuss - spoilers of any kind 
  • Do not attack or troll other users (this will result in a ban)
  • Do not ask for - or exchange - MediaWiki codes
  • Please try to avoid controversial/heated topics
  • Do not edit more than 3 times on the user-talk page
  • Only send images related to D.Gray-Man
  • Do not engage in sexually explicit conversation
  • Keep character pages in-character
  • Do not start arguments about characters on their articles
  • If a disagreement involves an administrator, a bureaucrat will make decisions regarding potential penalties or bans (as an impartial judge)
  • Do not insult or attack the bureaucrats 


  • If an administrator makes a blog page about the wiki, all community members may participate
  • If a blog is inactive, the bureaucrat will have the final say about its potential removal
  • Respect all comments on the wikia; blogs may be closed if hostility occurs
  • Do not create a blog with sexually explicit content
  • Do not create a blog that is about changing names
  • Do not create a spoiler blog.
  • Do not create a blog to sell any items or services
  • Do not create a blog containing false information
  • Do not create a blog that lacks a purpose
  • Do not create a blog containing information about another series instead of the D.Gray-man series.
  • Do not create a blog about vandalisms stemming from other wikia:
    • Other wikia do not support vandalism 
    • Other wikia are trying their best to prevent vandalism
    • It is not sure if the vandalisms are coming from the wiki that "you" accused
  • We do not accept administrative requests in blog or talk pages
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.