This is the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia hentai policy, please read this policy because this is a very important policy that there is around this wiki.

Hentai Edit

For newcomers in the manga and anime world, hentai (変態 or へんたい; Literally meaning "Strange Appearance") is extremely known for their "pornographic appearance". We from the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia strictly dislike, hate, irritate, forbid hentai images, polls, conversations anything what connects with Hentai around this wiki.

Why disliking Hentai? Edit

Many wikis recently has some attacking on their talk pages from "Chikan Hentai Otaku" (痴漢変態オタク; Literally meaning "Pervert of Strange Appearance Nerd") saying why they cannot have some "porn" on their main pages. This is extremely weird and nasty, and mostly when there are users here on the internet and evenly extremely proficient users around here that can engineer you IP evenly with your username. The reason for our dislike about hentai at our wiki is because little kids are also been a lot on the internet lately or evenly starting to edit on this wiki and evenly can get caught by their parents if he sees a user with some hentai images at his user page. It can also shame the readers fun to read the series that they enjoy for so long with hentai. With maybe he/she imagine his/her favourite character naked.

Rules Edit

  • Do not create a blog or make a conversation about Hentai.
  • Do not send images of hentai to each other.
  • If you're uploading a lot of images containing hentai you will get banned infinite.
  • Do not add a banned at your user page says "18 years and older".
  • Do not create a poll about hentai sorts.
  • Do not create a poll about your hentai favourites.
  • Do not recommend hentai DVD's, Video's, Games (probably only the Japanese only games) to one or another contributor.
  • Do not attack a administrator who deleted your hentai images or warned you about hentai on his/her talk pages. You will get blocked immanently.
  • Do not write a whole hentai language at your user page.
  • Do not do anything that has been related to Hentai.