This is the Image Policy of the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia. Please follow these rules that are set to prevent your images to be deleted and getting you banned.



  • JPG and GIF images are not allowed to get upload at this wiki, here are some reasons why?:
    • JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group): When a JPG file image has been uploaded, it will not give a good background, which looks blurry and messed up.
    • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format): When a image of this is uploaded and has been placed in the article pages, they will slow them for some seconds. This can cause irritation by the visitor + It doesn't give away high resolution.
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images are only allowed to be uploaded at this wiki because of their very clear background.

Overall Rules

  • Do not upload any sexual or unrelated to the series images.
  • Do not, as I repeat, no JPG or GIF images, reason stated above, only PNG images.
  • Do not give images a unusual name such as kkdhkldhlds.JPG this image will be deleted.
  • Do not upload fan art images, because they are copyrighted by the creator.
  • Do not upload any edited images, which means do not give the image extra resolution, this image will be deleted directly.
  • Do not upload the images with text.
  • We prefer to use raw manga images instead of fan scan images.


Uploading Images

Uploading images can be on two ways on this wiki, if you placed this [[Image:Image.PNG|thumb|Image]] at the article page, or click on the "Add a Photo" on the right side of the screen. When you want to upload your picture, all what you need to do is naming the image. Click on "More options" when you where clicking on the "Add a Photo" button which you can see more options that you have to upload the image much more better. The first option seems more better, which the image has already been named + written on the right file.

Adding the Fair use templates

If you're uploading image, please use the fair use templates to cover up copyrighted images. Evenly if you don't know how, then you can follow it up here:

Fair use Rationale

{{Fair use rationale
| Description       = (information about the image).
| Source            = (which chapter or episode the image comes from).
| Portion           = (series and creator of the original image).
| Purpose           = (to illustrate a background or character or etc).
| Resolution        = (the quality of a picture).
| Replaceability    = (if the image is replaceable).


{{Fair use|tv-screenshot}}: (for every television screenshot that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|comic}}: (for every screenshot that are coming from the manga series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|dvd-cover}}: (for every screenshot of DVD covers from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|game-cover}}: (for every screenshot of Game covers from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|game-screenshot}}: (for every game screenshot from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|logo}}: (for every logo from the series that has been uploaded).