This is the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia manual of style page. Please follow this policy to create any article pages at the way we want them to have.

As a general rule, you should use an in-universe writing style for the articles about in-universe elements except if you have no other way to put it. For instance you shouldn't use words such as "character" or "flashback".

Page Title

The title should be written with the full official name of the character/object/place.Except for article with overly long appelations (exemple: The Gateskeeper).

If no official name is given, the most fitting name is left to the decision of the page creator and may be changed afterwards by an administrator following a discussion with the other contributors.

The page name should be written in lowercase letter except for the first letter of the title (in uppercase letter) as well as the first letters of all the lexical words (that is to say: the nouns, the adjectives, the adverbs and the verbs).

To avoid confusions between ambiguous titles, a precision may be added at the end of the title between parenthesis. In this case, everything between the parenthesis should be in lowercase letters.

Character names should be written in the english language order: that is to say first the first name and then the family name.



Above each article pages there are amboxes that shows warnings for different kind of reasons. As contributor you can add them:

  • The Spoiler, if you didn't reach far in the series and don't want to read it before you read it in the manga or anime, then only read until which arc you are. Beware of possible unmarked spoilers in the infobox and main section.
  • The Stub for an article uncompleted.
  • The Ref Lack for an lack of references.
  • The Name Conjecture for a character whose proper named was not given by an official source and thus the wiki had to choose the appelation itself.

Character Pages

  • main – The general introduction a character page to begin with. Put in priority here what is important about the character and could generally not fit in the other sections (that is position, status, important relationships...)
  • Appearance – The appearance of a character, about what he is wearing, his hair style, his color of hair or eyes. Try to descrive in order the general appearance of the character (size, shape...) then from the top to the bottom the details of his physical features and finally his clothes and if they vary throughout the story.
  • Personality – The personality of the character.
    • Personality Statistics – Scores about the characters good points.
  • History – The past/history/events that happens of/to the character.
    • History Outline – Short outline of the character history.
  • Plot – Arc sections, that should be written in headers like this:
    • Some Arc----

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

  • Some arc
    • note: Do also remembers, under the Arc header, we also putting the {{Main}} template.
      • ----

Concludes non-canon section.

  • Legacy: For deceased characters, put here, the mentions of the character after their demise, and the direct consequences of their actions. Does not concern reincarnated characters.
  • Powers and Abilities – Outline about the character's abilities.
  • Major Battles – Lists of all the major fights involving the character. Do not indicate the outcome of the battle as in D.Gray-man, some are subjected to interpretation.
  • Relationships – section about the major relationships of the character. If known, list in the chronological order of first meeting with the character.
    • Relationships are a complex subject and most of what regards them is shown rather than clearly stated. As a consequence, relationships are often a matter of interpretation. Please list here in priority what is commonly accepted by the readers. You may add some elements that are not absolutely consensual among the readers but in this case be sure that they are heavily supported and be cautious to use modals like "may" or "might".
  • Trivia – Facts about the character that cannot be inserted in the page sections. Here you may use an out-of-universe style of writing (i.e: "this character", or "the author", or "the manga"...).
  • Quotes – Characters that shootout important sayings, towards others or regular.
  • References – Source of where the information got tagged by <ref></ref> tags. This section must be insterted like this: <small><references /></small>.
  • Navigation – Add here the navigation templates which the character is related to. For instance, a Black Order member should have the Black Order template here.

Chapter and Episode Pages

  • Covers – For chapters, description of the cover page that do not belong to the plot of the chapter.
  • Short Summary – A Short summary that gathers the main informations of what happens. The goal is to allow the reader to quickly grasp the content of the installation.
  • Long Summary – Also called synopsis, a detailed summary that help the reader to notice all the details that they may have not noticed during their watching/reading.
  • Characters – List of all the character who appear in the installation. Listed in order of appearance and by affiliation. Characters who do not appear physically should be followed by the mention between parenthesis. If the character appears in different "forms", only one should be mentioned, the order of prevailment being "flashback"> "abstract">"illusion".
  • Places - List of the locations that appear in the installation.
  • Chapter  and Episode Notes – Put here all the informations that are relevant to the understanding and/or interpretation of the installation. Do not put here informations that have no bearing on the elements of the plot.
    1. Translation Notes – Informations about the translation that point elements regarding the understanding of the installation.
  • Trivia – Put here elements that are exterior to the story (for instance context) and elements that are only miscellanous informations without any bearing on the story.
  • References – Source of where the information got tagged by <ref></ref> tags. This section must be insterted like this: <small><references /></small>.
  • Navigation – Add here the navigation templates the type of media belongs to.

Important Notes

  • Do not add any "font family spans" or spans that makes the letters more clearer. The reason is that it is hard for newcomers to edit the article pages that they love to edit, and so doing it, is just ruining it for them.
  • Do not leave the page blank or make any minor editing, the pages that you have created will be deleted.
  • Do not create a fan page or article pages containing fan images.
  • Do not create a gallery in each article pages.
  • Do not create a gallery page to show of images of a certain character of etc.

Writing Style

  • Articles should be written in British English, not US English.
  • Articles should be written in past-tense, not present or future tense.
  • We do not add "In Chapter ?? was said that" or "In Episode ??", we are referencing the event.
  • We also doesn't add literally texts coming from the manga itself, that makes the pages more childish instead of serious or complex.
  • Articles should be written in an in-universe style, and not refer to the reader or viewer when talking about events. Except for the trivia.
  • If you use the word "current" anywhere in a phrase to refer to something, you likely wrote it the wrong way.

Wikitext Style

  • Do not make links like: [[allen walker|allen walker]] or [[allen walker|allen]], make redirect links pages.
  • Do not bypass redirects as like [[Allen|Allen Walker]] just only [[Allen]].
  • If you want to send any link to wikipedia, then do it like this [[wikipedia:page|page]], instead of doing it like this: [ page]