This is the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia naming policy for naming characters.

Rules Edit

Westernise Name Edit

Some characters from the series have Japanese names. We do not use the Japanese naming order. We use the Western order of given name, followed by the family name, such as:

  • Instead of Kanda Yu, we use Yu Kanda.

Usage of Mid-dotsEdit

In Westernised names (written in Japanese), there are mid-dots: ・. These are special symbols for Western names,  which separates the given name from the family name, like Allen Walker: アレン・ウォーカー. 

Do not use Mid-Dots for Japanese names.

Viz Media Translation and the Character Books Edit

Viz Media Edit

"Viz Media" translates D-Gray.Man into English.  We use Viz translated titles in this wiki, as it's easy to understand for new users. We only use fan-translated titles until an official Viz release is published, at which point names and article titles will be updated according to the official release. 

Character BooksEdit

Although we are use Viz Media's title translation, we mostly use names from the character books. If Viz's translation does not match the character book, it will not be used on the wiki. We prefer to use the Japanese character book versions, instead of Viz's translations of character books.

Character Naming Edit

Western names are hard to translate. The character books are an important source, which help to correctly name the character. Here are some rules for naming characters:

  • Do not rename the character pages
  • Do not use fan translations
  • Only rename character pages after you receive permission from an administrator
  • Do not use Viz translated character names
  • Only use character book character translated names.

Here are some important naming where you must have been caution for:

Ability Names Edit

We do not use Japanese names, but only English names.


At this wiki we are using the {{Translation}} template, which is used like this: {{Translation|'''Name'''|Kanji|''Rōmaji''←(<nowiki>'' comes automatic</nowiki>)}} 

The translation template can be used for every type of page. If you include the rōmaji, the title does not need to be capitalised. The rōmaji translation must look like this, as an example: "Heiwa e no Kakehashi" instead of "Heiwa e no kakehashi".

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