This is the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia policy page. 

General Rules

  • Do not add any info or images coming from a spoiler website. 
  • Do not add any "span" or "font family" in the article pages
  • Respect contributors and their edits
  • Do not vandalise articles 
  • Do not create a page and leave it blank
    • Do not create a page with only one line
    • Do not create a fan or hentai page
  • Do not add incorrect inormation in articles
  • Do not ask an administrator to unlock the page a locked page
  • Do not advertise on any article 
  • No hate speech
  • Do not engage in edit wars. 
  • Do not edit and then undo your own edit
  • Do not ask for mediawiki codes or templates 
  • Do not copy the entire design from this wiki
  • Do not edit any templates
  • Do not edit user pages
  • Do not create a page and leave it without a category 
  • Do not remove important content in the article pages
  • Do not rename pages without permission from an administrator
  • Do not swear/curse

Content Theft

  • Do not take content from wikipedia
  • Do not copy contents from other wikia
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