D.Gray-Man Illustrations Noche (D.Gray-Manイラスト集 Noche, D.Gray-Man irasuto-shū Noche) is an official D.Gray-Man artbook which features illustrations by Katsura Hoshino.

The book contains colour spreads and cover artwork from manga volumes 1-19, as well as the Reverse novels. It also contains concept designs, interviews, and an original poster. 

Contents Edit

Contents Page(s)
Black Order Exorcist Uniform Collection 8-11
D.Gray-Man - Record of Mission 2004~2006 12-47
Party Mix 48-51
D.Gray-Man - Record of Mission 2007~2010 52-83
Continue 84-85
Collaboration 86
Katsura Photo 87
Monochrome Gallery 88-89
D.Gray-Man Noche Talk Room No.1 90-93
D.Gray-Man Noche Talk Room No.2 94-97
Index + Katsura Hoshino's Comments 98-101

Examples Edit

Allen Walker Crown Clown
Art during the Phantom Thief G Arc
Allen and the Earl


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