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The D.Gray-man Investigation Series (?) is a two-part omake on the favorite foods of different D.Gray-man characters.

D.Gray-man Investigation Series (?) Favorite Foods ♡[1][]

Allen: Although we've already released details about many of our characters in previous volumes, for some reason this particular question continues to come up a lot, so we've decided to do everyone at once!

Kanda: Next time somebody asks us personal questions, I'll kill him!!

Allen: Mitarashi Dango - (skewered rice dough dumplings) Unlimited! Lenalee: Chocolate cake!
Kanda: Soba. (buckwheat noodles) Don't tell me it's not nutritious. Lavi: For men, it's yakiniku! (grilled meat)
Krory: Eliade's b-blood. Miranda: P-P-Pears, I guess. Hee hee hee hee...
Marie: Dorayaki. (pancake filled with bean jam) Daisya: Shark!
Bookman: Pudding. Suman: My wife's food is the best in the world!

D.Gray-man Investigation Series (?) Favorite Foods ♡: The Noah Edition[2][]

Lero: We found out what the Earl's and the Noah's favorite foods are too, Lero.

Road: Speaking of which, what do you eat, Lero?

Lero: I'm a golem. I don't eat anything, Lero!

Earl: Alligator!♥ Road: Candy and Allen!♥ Timcanpy would taste good too!
Tyki: Whatever I eat with Eeez hits the spot. Skinn: I wanna eat a house made out of sweets!
Devit: Fried rice omelettes! Jasdero: Super-spicy curry!! Glurp!!


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