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D.Gray-man Official Fan Book -Gray Log- (D.Gray-man 公式ファンブック 灰色ノ記録(グレイログ), D.Gray-man Kōshiki Fan Bukku Gurei Rogu is an official fan book which contains detailed character profiles, fan art, and interviews with Katsura Hoshino, as well as a special extra—a copy of the one-shot "Continue".


Gray Log was originally due to be released on September 2nd 2016, but it was postponed for unknown reasons.

After several more delays, confirmation of its release was given on July 14th 2017, alongside the release of chapter 225.


  • Special 1: A newly drawn pinup: Present Allen, Lavi, Kanda and Lenalee wearing the 1st Exorcist uniform
  • Character records ~Exorcists~
  • Order records
    • Black Order Logs
    • The Other Side of the Black Order
  • Character Records II ~Members of the Black Order~
  • Noah Records
    • Looking into the Noah Family
    • An article on “The Heart”
  • Character Records III ~Noah Family~
  • Hoshino’s Log – 185
    • Hoshino-sensei tells!! Only here: Intell of D.Gray-man
    • Black Gray White Cross Talk
    • Monochrome Gallery! Hoshino-sensei’s cover page recommendations!
    • Extra Night 206.5. “Reconfirmation”
    • Extra Edition: “Demon-Eye Wisely”
    • “The Secrets of Manga! 2nd Season” (Interview and Manga: Erubo Hijihara)
    • D-Gallery
    • One Shot “Continue”: The Inside Story
    • One-Shot “Continue”
  • Special 2 – Stickers of illustrations drawn by Hoshino


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