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The D.Gray-man Official Fan Book -Gray Ark- (D.Gray-man 公式ファンブック 灰色ノ聖櫃(グレイアーク), D.Gray-man Kōshiki Fan Bukku Gurei Āku) is a series compilation booklet, with information on the D.Gray-Man series compiled by Katsura Hoshino and printed by Jump Comics. Printed June 9, 2008, it contains information such as detailed character profiles, fan art, and interviews with Katsura Hoshino, as well as a special extra - a copy of the one-shot, Zone.


  • Chapter 1: Black Order Exorcists Profiles File I
  • Chapter 2: Mission Reports Database
  • Chapter 3: Black Order Personnel and Supporting Characters Profiles File II
  • Chapter 4: Black Order Admissions Guide
  • Chapter 5: Noah Family and Akuma Profiles File
  • Chapter 6: Character Polls, Centerfolds, Fan Art, Glossary
  • Chapter 7: Interviews with Katsura Hoshino, Design Works Character Development, Making of D.Gray-man Drawing Process, Fan Book After Chapter Special
  • Extra: One-Shot Zone


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