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Please note that this is the article on The comedy arc with the Komurin Robot, if you are looking for the article on the longer comedy arc with the Komuvitan Virus then you should head to [[Destruction of the Black Order arc]].

The Destruction of the Black Order Attempt arc is the third story arc of the D.Gray-man (Manga) series, which is written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. It is a very small comedy arc showing the antics of the Branch Chief Komui Lee and his inventions in the Science Division of the Black Order headquarters. It spans from chapter 17 to chapter 18 and on episode 8 of the anime.


The mad robot[]

In the Science Division, Lenalee asks his brother about a strange thing he calls Komurin.

Later, in the underground, Allen Walker is coming back from his mission with Toma when he finds an unconcious Lenalee and a wounded Reever. The Man tells him to run away for Komorun is coming. The huge robot bursts into the room and spots Allen and Lenalee who he tries to catch to "cure them". Apparently the robot inadvertently drunk some cofee which caused him to go mad and is now obsessed with making Lenalee "macho". After Reever bids Allen welcome back, the group of the science division shows up on a plateform equipped with a huge canon to destroy Komurin. Unfortunately Komui stops them and orders the robot to fix Allen's arm to save Lenalee. The robot carries out the order and captures Allen before turning towards Lenalee. Lenalee suddenly wakes up and without listening her brother's complainings, she activates her innocence dark boots, She easily dodges Komurin's attack and proceeds to destroy it


Allen is rescued and everyone bids him welcome back. He then brings the innocence of Lala to Hevlaska. The shard of innocence is attracted by Hevlaska's cube and flies in his slot. Komui and Hevlaska explain that this is the 41th shard found by the Order and the generals are charged with finding new accomodators for them while Hevlaska keeps the others in herself.

Somewhere peculiar individuals are having a dinner. The Noah Family has been reunited by the Millennium Earl .

Story Impact[]

  • The Komlin robot series are introduced.
  • Lenalee's abilities are showed for the first time.
  • Hevlaska explains how they manage the innocences.
  • The Noah Family is seen for the first time.