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Edinstown (エディンストン, Edinsuton) is a town in Great Britain. It is the place where Allen and Mana Walker met, as well as the location of Allen's grave.


Edinstown is located in the northern part of Great Britain. It is several days' golem flight north west from London[1].

Landmarks and Architecture[]

Square yard

The downtown yard

The architecture is diverse, with roofs, domes, cathedrals and churches, as well as a clock tower which overlooks the city. Downtown, there is a square yard with trees and groves.[2]

The garden folly

The garden nearby

Not too far from the clock tower, there is a garden with a round marble folly, which is surrounded by a metal fence. The circular pedestal is topped by nine Corinthian columns, which hold up an ornate roof. In the middle of the colonnade stands a base with a big cup or vase on it.[3]


Known Inhabitants[]

The Garvey Circus stayed at Edinstown during Christmastime. They remained there as part of their tour, and held shows every evening for the public until Christmas day. [4]



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