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Edo (江戸 , Edo) is the imperial capital of Japan. It is also the final scene of the Edo and Asian Branch arc where the exorcists were sent after Cross Marian. The Noah's Ark were anchored to the city due to Nea D. Campbell.

Landmarks, Architecture and Politics[]

Edo is located in the East Coat of Japan. It follows a very strict isolationist policy effective in the whole country. Nobody can enter nor get out. Because of this, the Earl was able to take control of the country without the outside world realizing. The population is now 90% akuma. No one is safe here, not even the akumas because of cannibalism.[1] The city itself is a big city with japanese-styles houses with wooden-structures, elevated slightly off the ground with tiled or thatched roofs. At the center of the city we can see a tremendous building made with several roofs and floors reminding a pagoda. The structure seems to be floating in the air, probably thanks to Magic.


During 300 years the country has followed the isolationist policy which prevent anyone to get in or out of the country. This allowed the Earl of Millennium (or perhaps is he himself the source of the policy) to use the country as an operation base to send his akumas to the countries nearby. At some point the 14th Noah traveled to Edo and he anchored the Noah's ark there preventing the other Noah to close the gate. When he died the Earl had no chose but cancel the ark and download the datas to another one. Cross Marian was sent to take advantage of Nea's deeds to steal the Akuma Egg located in the Ark. With the help of the exorcists who were sent to help him and especially Allen Walker he succeeded his mission. Before that the Earl of Millennium leveled out the city with a blast of dark matter.


  • In real life, the Edo period ended in 1868.
  • In real life the isolationnism policy was called Sakoku. It ended after 1853 when the American Black Ships commanded by Matthew Perry forced the opening of Japan to American (and, by extension, Western) trade through a series of unequal treaties.


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