D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Anime Only
This character, place, item or organisation originated in the anime and has never appeared in any work considered part of the manga canon.

She's the mother of Elda and Jacob and the wife of Elda's Father. It is known that she is in a coma after the death of her son.


They were living in a family of four, herself, her daughter, her son and her husband. Suddenly due to unknown reasons their house started to burn. She was trying to get inside of the house to get back her son, but got pushed back by her husband and he tried to rescue their son but it didn't happen. She then cries in sorrow after that the flames gotten bigger killing her son. It is known that she is in coma after her son's death.


She has black hair wearing it backwards in a knot in the end. Wearing a white dress and a blue shirt.