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The Person Who Sells Souls - Part 1 (魂を売る者·前編, Tamashii o Uru Mono - Zenpen) is the 29th episode of the D.Gray-man anime.

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Allen and Lenalee arrive in Liverpool to meet an old friend called Mother to see if she can help them find General Cross. Over dinner, she informs them that although she used to be Cross' sponsor, she doesn't know where he is. Mother then get's a visitor named Riza, a nurse, looking for Mother to console her, as her husband is dying. Allen tells Lenalee that all of the villagers come to Mother with their troubles, and Mother helps them in order to prevent them from turning into Akuma.

The next day, another nurse, Sarah, loses her husband suddenly in an accident. The following day, Sarah turns into an Akuma, leaving Lenalee and Allen confused, as they had been keeping an eye on her in order to prevent this. Back at the hospital, Lenny passes away.

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