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The One Who Sells Souls - Part 2 (魂を売る者·後編, Tamashii o Uru Mono - Kōhen) is the 30th episode of the D.Gray-man anime. It is loosely based on the light novel The Travelling Clergyman.

Short Summary[]

Lenalee gets mistaken for a new trainee nurse, but takes advantage of the situation in order to learn more about the hospital. Lenalee becomes suspicious of a Dr Robert after learning he's indebted to loan sharks, believing that he sells souls for money. She learns that after the hospital was renovated 6 months ago, there was an increase in Akuma in the town. She is told by another nurse that most of the patients are terminally ill, which the director treats for free. She wonders how the hospital could afford such an expansion by giving these patients free care, and discovers that the director himself financed it. Lenalee realizes that the director acts as a soul broker for the Millennium Earl.

While Lenalee investigates Allen is staying with Riza and comforting her, opening up about his own loss to pour strenght into her. In the end, the desperate Riza, not knowing what would be with her without Lenny, is reassured when Allen says so long she holds Lenny's memory in her ehart he lives on within her.

The director tries to convince Riza to bring Robert back, but she resists, saying Lenny will live on in her heart. The director reveals he poisoned Lenny after they fell in love in order to trade her soul to the Millennium Earl. Mother knocks the director out, and tells Allen and Lenalee to remember that as well as turning humans into Akuma, he also manipulates them and turns them into slaves.

Lenalee gets a letter from Komui, asking her to come back to headquarters immediately, and Mother gives Allen letters which contain General Cross' overdue bills. Mother tells them that if they trace the letters back to where they came from, they'll find out where he has been.

Long Summary[]

As Allen and Lenalee race to the hospital they see Barba standing in the entrance, crying. Tearfully Barba takes them to Lenny’s empty room, weeping for Riza, knowing how much she loved Lenny. Richard appears and reprimands Barba for not clearing the room of personal belongings, cursing the Director. As he leaves the Head Nurse arrives and mistakes Lenalee for an applicant and as Allen protests Lenalee lies that she got lost in such a big hospital, intent to use this opportunity to investigate disguised as a nurse.

Allen heads over to the funeral parlor where Riza mourns, just in time to overhear the Doctor asking if she had thought over his offer, claiming it will help her fastest. Before anything else could be said the Doctor notices they are not alone. He informs Allen that the funeral is the next day and requests that he leaves Riza alone with Lenny, but Riza asks for Allen to stay. The Doctor reminds Riza of his offer once more, then leaves.

Barba is packing Lenny’s belongings when Richard comes once more together with a patient held by a nurse and Lenalee. As Barba leaves, Lenalee asks the nurse if Doctor Robert was always like this, but she replies that he is in a foul mood because a loan shark called about missed payment. Lenalee then eavesdrops on Robert talking on the phone, promising money and pleading for the person on the other end not to come to the hospital. Upon further investigation she discovers that the hospital is just two years old and got expanded six months prior. Lenalee recalls that Mother has said the number of Akuma rose at the same time. The nurse continues that especially critical patients piled up as the Director doesn’t ask for money, making Lenalee wonder whether the Director or Robert was the Broker.

Meanwhile Riza is recalling the events to Allen, how Lenny merely came down with pneumonia but his condition kept worsening and the Director said he was suffering from an incurable disease. As Lenalee arrives to the funeral parlor she overhears Allen reassuring her and saying how he too cried a lot when he lost someone. When asked how he deals with that he replies he draws from the memories they shared, that so long he remembers Mana, he will live on in his heart. Hearing that Lenny would continue to live on in her heart, Riza is comforted. Lenalee then notices that she was not the only one eavesdropping as she catches sight of scrubs in the dark.

The next day Lenny is buried and in the hospital when the new hire Lenalee impersonated had arrived, the Head Nurse and Richard realise Lenalee has stolen her identity. Lenalee is looking for evidence to see where the money comes from when the Director takes no money from patients and is shocked to discover he funds it himself. Richard then rips the documents from her and grabs her. Lenalee breaks away but Richard follows her, demanding to know who she is.

Allen and Barba escort Riza back to the hospital so she can resume work and Barba hands over Lenny’s final letter to her. Riza reads the letter on top of the hospital roof in tears when the Director appears and once again tries to convince her to accept what he claims is special counseling.

From outside Allen spots Lenalee through a window, holding someone while facing Richard and his eye activates. Allen leaps to the floor where they are  and breaks through the window to destroy the Akuma shedding its disguise. More ‘people’ emerge at the sound of the explosion and all turn into Akuma. At the sight of the machines, Richard collapses and faints from fear. Allen figures out that for so many Akuma to be in the hospital there must be someone selling their information to the Earl.

As they destroy the Akuma the Director continues pressuring Riza to go along, dangling the possibility of seeing him again, that Lenny himself wants to see her too.

As the last of Akuma are destroyed Lenalee concludes that the Broker must be the Director as Richard was cleared of suspicion based on his reaction that showed he didn’t know Akuma existed, leaving the Director as the only possible culprit.

They immediately head for the Doctor’s office, surprised to find it locked. They catch the Director’s voice coming out though and they overhear him convincing Riza to call out Lenny’s name to call his soul back. Riza refuses, saying that Lenny lives on within her and more Akuma arrive as the Director knocks her out with a cloth, likely soaked in sedatives, snarling how he can no longer keep ‘that person’ wait and admits to the unconscious Riza he killed Lenny by administering him poison every day and made sure the two would fall in love.

The door is broken down by an Akuma that Allen promptly destroys. Allen introduces himself as an Exorcist and enemy of the Earl while Lenalee declared the Director a Broker and ally of the Earl asking why he did it. The Doctor pulls a gun out of his pocket and points at them, claiming he did it for the town and made it a better place. That’s when Mother shows up and kicks the Doctor in the face into unconsciousness. She vows to have him get worse and atone for his sins, then warns Allen and Lenalee of those greedy or weak enough to submit to the Earl, telling them they must be strong like Riza.

The Earl is shown picking up a ringing phone and once putting it down proclaiming he doesn’t mind losing a Broker or two as there are lots of people who want to become one.

In the end Mother then hands Allen a pile of debt collection letters that could help Allen track Cross down.


  • Allen Walker
  • Lenalee Lee
  • Mother
  • Barba
  • Riza
  • Lenny
  • Sarah
  • Richard
  • Doctor/Director (used interchangably in English depending on the context, in the text and dub solely referred to as Inchou-sensei)
  • Doctor Robert
  • Millennium Earl

Episode Notes[]

  • The English Dub goofed with continuity. Lenny was said to be Riza's husband in the previous episode. However, ita contridicted by the poor consistancy.
  • In the novel Allen asks Riza to show him around town and they go to the meadow where they discuss the same as they did in the funeral parlor in the anime.
  • In the anime Lenalee disguises herself as a nurse to investigate and Allen is comforting the grieving Riza, in the novel Allen investigates on his own.
  • In the anime Lenalee eavesdrops on Richard talking to a debtor, in the novel Allen eavesdrops on the Doctor.
  • Richard is an anime-only addition, who does not exist in the novel and serves as a red herring.
  • In the novel when Allen realizes the Doctor was a Broker who attempted to coerce Riza into calling Lenny back from the dead, he is overcome with rage and has to stop himself from strangling the Broker to death, telling himself that his left hand exists to destroy Akuma, not kill human beings. This hesitation nearly lets the Doctor escape, if not for Mother's intervention.
  • In the novel Mother stops the Broker from escaping, knocks him out. She then strictly reprimands Allen for hesitating to kill him, reminding him that Akuma are not his only enemies, there are plenty of humans fighting on the Earl's side and he needs to be ready to face them. In the anime she still knocks him out but only warns Allen and Lenalee of Brokers and other human allies of the Earl, she does not reprimand them.
  • In the anime Allen says Mother is the supporter of the Order and a sponsor of Cross, but in the manga chapter 206 Mother says she is a supporter of Cross, it is unknown if she is affiliated with the Order.
  • In the anime there are slight tweaks to some characters. The Doctor expresses his frustration with Riza’s reluctance openly when he thinks no one sees him and Mother is a lot gentler, she meets Riza herself and has Allen and Lenalee listen, she doesn’t kick Allen to go and talk to Riza himself.


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