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Lost Miranda (迷子のミランダ, Maigo no Miranda) is the 31st episode of the D.Gray-man anime.

Short Summary[]

When Miranda gets lost on her way to the Black Order, Lenalee leaves to find her.

After Miranda gets pick-pocketed, a family leaving the city helps her by giving her a ride out of town. Miranda tries to help the family at their roadside magic show, but ends up causing more problems. She tries to make it up to them by filling in as a replacement magician's assistant, but gets scared during the one of the tricks, activating her Innocence and causing the show to be repeated over and over again. Miranda questions whether she would be a good fit for the Black Order, as she is always making mistakes.

Later that night, Akuma attack the group, and Miranda lures them away in order to protect everyone. She activates her Innocence but fails to kill any Akuma, though fortunately, Lenalee shows up and defeats them. Although she could not defeat the Akuma this time, she vows to defeat them after she joins the Black Order.

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