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The Mysterious Ghost Ship (なぞの幽霊船, Nazo no Yūreisen) is the 32nd episode of the D.Gray-man anime.

Short Summary[]

Allen is told that the ships leaving town are every other day, when they are interrupted by a group of kids claiming to be a pirate group. They tell Allen that the ship crashes are due to a pirate ship, but the man tells Allen that it's due to the tough coral reefs, making it difficult for even the most experienced sailors to navigate.

Allen finds a room at a hotel, and runs into the kids again who try to steal food. The hotel owner says the leader of the pirates (Archie) is his child, who is going through a rebellious phase.

The kids steal Timcanpy in order to try to recruit Allen to their pirate group, and make him compete in a series of trials to get Timcanpy back. His final trial is to race against Archie in a swimming contest, during which Archie begins to drown and Allen saves him. The pirate group make Allen an official member.

Later that night, Archie takes Allen to meet the rest of their group at a cave to finish building their boat. They tell Allen that one night they saw a pirate ship destroy a cargo ship, but when they told the town they thought they were making it up. Allen suggests asking Archie's dad for advice on sailing, making Archie mad, who yells at Allen to leave.

The next morning, after Allen leaves the hotel, Komui calls saying there have been a number of ship disappearances in the area. He then sees the kids set sail on their boat, and then detects an akuma on an oncoming ship. Allen and Archie's dad race out to save them. Allen discovers that the entire ship is an Akuma, which Allen defeats with the help of Archie and co.

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