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The Village Where the Witch Dwells - Part 2 (魔女の棲む村·後編, Majo no Sumu Mura - Kōhen) is the 34th episode of the D.Gray-Man anime.

Short Summary[]

Kanda finds Gozu tied up in the witches house. The villager there fears the witch and asks them for help leaving the village. Kanda says that it is their duty to stay so can't help him. The villager decides to run from the village, but is killed by an Akuma, that is in turn defeated by Kanda.

Back in town, Kanda and Gozu run into Angela, who reveals herself to the the town's so-called witch. Angela informs them that there is no real witch, but that the villagers chose to blame their misfortune on a witch to make themselves feel better. After their old witch died, they chose Angela's sister to replace her as the town witch. Angela's sister was very sick, and being out of her sick bed in a cold shed caused her to fall into a coma, and eventually die after 10 days. When Angela found her a day later, she made a deal with the Earl of Millennium to combine their souls so that they could be together forever. Kanda discovers the entire town have been turned into Akuma, and defeats them all.

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Episode Notes[]

  • In a sense of irony, this marks the first time the Earl actually granted a person's wish. Angela offered her body as a vessel to revive her sister. Unlike previous Akumas, it seems that the personality IS that of the soul inside it.


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