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The Exorcist Who Wears the Wind  (風をまとうエクソシスト, Kaze o Matō Ekusoshisuto)is the 35th episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation.


Lenalee travels with Gozu through the Black Forest to get to a bordering town, when the come across a group of villagers who have fled their village after being attacked by wolves. A woman notices a girl, Jessica, is missing from their group, she is being attacked by wolves. An exorcist called Suman Dark saves her. Lenalee asks him to escort the villagers to the next village, but he says it's not part of his mission. The group is then attacked by an akuma, which they defeat. They end up escorting the villagers to the next town.

After initial protest from Suman, the trio decide to go take Jessica back to the village to save those who were left behind, including her mother. They decide to stay in the village over night, as it is too dark to travel safely through the forest. During the night, the group are attacked by the akuma wolves, who are defeated by the exorcists.


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