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Chapter of Darkness (闇の帳, Yami no Tobari) is the 36th episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation.

Short Summary[]

Allen and Lenalee's train is attacked by multiple groups of akuma, of which they find the sheer quantity very suspicious. They then run into a group of finders, who tell them the akuma have begun travelling West in large groups for safety.

At the Clan of Noah luncheon, the clan struggle to do Road's homework.

After the finders split from Allen and Lenalee, the town they're passing through turns out to be all akuma. They put up a barrier around themselves and fire a flare to signal Allen and Lenalee who arrive in time to defeat them all.

Back at the luncheon, Millennium Earl finishes Road's homework, then begins the meeting to decide which clan member will kill which exorcists.

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