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Coffin of Silence (沈黙の棺, Chinmoku no Hitsugi) is the 39th episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation.

Short Summary[]

Allen and Lenalee run on foot towards Barcelona at the same time that General Tiedoll makes his way to the city as well.

Meanwhile, Kanda and Marie fend off the massive amounts of akuma throughout the city. A little later, they hear the dying cries of Daisya who is killed by Tyki's Teez.

The battle ends by dawn, revealing the catastrophic results along with the significant loss of men. General Tiedoll grieves the loss of Daisya and then meets up with Kanda, Marie, Allen, and Lenalee. He guides Allen and Lenalee to General Cross through Timcanpy who can determine the location of General Cross.

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