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It'll Be Fine If I Wash My Face (顔を洗えば大丈夫, Kao o araeba daijōbu) is the third episode of the anime adaptation D.Gray-Man Hallow. It first aired on July 18, 2016.


The episode starts with a flashback to Timothy's arrival at the orphanage. He complains about his abnormal forehead but the Mother Superior conforts him. Back to the present Timothy is crying having been captured by the akuma. Allen tells him they are going to save him through the radio. Timothy remembers his hearing of the financial issues or the orphanage and his decision to become phantom G. He realizes that even though he did this for a good cause he has caused many harms.

Emilia shoots the akuma who is holding Timothy but this is useless and she is attacked by the level 3. Timothy suddenly activates his innocence and he possesses the second level 2 akuma and manages to stop the level 3. Reever arrives at the police station with two guards and frees the finders. Tsukikami's second takes the shape of an adult Timothy and explains him how the innocence works. Timothy then uses the eye technique of the akuma he is possessing to petrify the other level 2 before punching him to destruction. However the level 3 is too strong and easily overwhelms Timothy. Link partly back to normal comes to help and protects the boy. Unfortunately he can only stall for time. Just before they are killed the man accompanying Reever arrives and absorbs the akuma in an instant.

Allen and Kanda on their side redouble their efforts against the level 4. Together they manage to cut off his left arm but Allen loses his sword and is cornered before a wall. He attracts his blade and impales both the akuma and himself on the wall. The blade is supposed to only hurt demons but Allen bleeds as well. The akuma prepares to shoot again but he is stopped by the fourteenth who takes his cheek in his hand before saluting the Noah through him. Kanda skewers the akuma from behind and the two exorcists bisect him with their blades.

Gigi and Reever dispel the magic barrier and the exorcists get out much to the surprise of captain Galmar. The children and the mother come back to normal and Galmar asks them not to take Timothy. The boy finally accepts to become an exorcist under the condition that the Order enables the asylum to run. Emilia will join the Order as Timothy's instructor. Timothy and Emilia make their respective farewell to "his mother" and her father. The exorcists return home with their new comrade.


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