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Requiem Rose (鎮魂の薔薇, Chinkon no Bara) is the 40th episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation.

Short Summary[]

Allen and Lenalee follow Tim and head East to find General Cross. They come across Lavi and Krory at a rose festival, who were sent there to join up with them. Their mission is to protect the people at the festival.

Long Summary[]

The episode begins with a recap of Tiedoll telling Allen and Lenalee about Timcanpy's ability to sense Cross's location. Allen and Lenalee head east on Tim's direction, ending up now in Bulgaria. They cross a mountain path saying they're in Bulgaria now, but conclude based on Tim's direction that General Cross must be further away in Asia. Both gape at the beauty of central Bulgaria's Rose Valley, with Lenalee commenting on its worldwide fame. Allen's cursed eye activates and detects two Level 1 Akuma attacking a local rose farmer; they rush to save him. The duo successfully destroy the Akumas and save the man; he tells them about the upcoming rose festival in Rosedolina and how he encountered the 2 Akuma on the way. Allen is unaware about the festival, so the man explains and gives them each a rose in thanks for saving him.

Allen and Lenalee arrive in Rose Dolina and see the bustling city preparing for the festival; Allen spots Lavi and Krory among the crowd. After settling in at a local inn, Lavi informs them of the staggering death toll of the recent battle: 148 casualties. Lavi mentions all the coffins in the Order's chapel, and how the dead were cremated without notifying their families, so that they won't turn into Akuma. Allen thinks back to meeting Devon, and comforts Lenalee, who cries saying all the dead were like family to her. Krory explains that Komui sent him and Lavi to aid them in their search for Cross.

The rose festival begins and Lavi encourages them to participate, thinking they could use something to lift their mood; Allen and Lenalee say they're too depressed, but Lavi and Krory point out that with so many people in one place, Akuma are bound to strike. The four of them wander through the festival, and Krory partakes of the local rose jam, which Lavi mistakes for blood. Allen asks Lavi how he knew all the happenings, and Krory explains how Lavi hooked up a bunch of telephones and golems all together to listen in. They ask after Bookman, and Lavi says he's taking care of something on his own. Lavi summarizes how 6 exorcists were lost in the previous battle, but some of them died the same way as General Yeegar. They conclude that the Clan of Noah, not Akuma, are responsible. Krory asks for information on them, and Lavi sums up what is currently known by the Bookmen. Allen thinks back to meeting Road, and questions the Clan's motives.

We switch to a scene in the Ark, with Road tormenting Lero out of boredom. The Earl says that even though the recent attack killed many Order members, finding the Heart is more important. Road offers to help search, but the Earl says he'll create more and more Akuma and have them evolve, but since it would be a pain if Cross got in his way, he's sent someone to go delay the Exorcists looking for the General. While laying in bed, Allen thinks of Devon again. Lavi says it's a relief they didn't find any Akuma today. On the balcony, Allen talks about fighting to save as many lives and souls as he can (we see flashbacks to Claire, Lala, Jan and Leo), but that he keeps falling short, unable to save others (Narain, General Yeegar, Sara, Devon and the Finders). Allen berates himself, but Lavi critiques his martyr mindset and reminds him that he's not fighting alone. Allen fondly remembers a scene with Devon and Lenalee, then thinks of Lenalee back when she hadn't forgiven him yet over his conduct in Germany, with Lena criticizing him over his self-sacrificial behavior. Allen remembers her words, and Lavi reassures Allen on how everyone can relate to what he's currently feeling. Lenalee comes out and joins them ... but then Allen's eye detects a nearby Akuma.

The Akuma converts to ball-form and starts to attack townspeople, but Allen destroys it before it can kill anyone. The four Exorcists head outside the town to the rose fields to confront the other nearby Akumas. The sun rises over Rose Valley as the four confront and defeat the dozens of Level 1s, each Exorcist showing off what they're capable of. The Exorcists reaffirm their will to fight, and Allen recites his mantra about bringing salvation to Akuma's souls. The battle ends, and from a distance we see Lulu Bell observing the outcome from a tower back in the town. She transforms into a cat and jumps down. Finally we see Allen say they need to find his Master Cross.


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