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The Wandering Stone Statue (さまよえる石像, Samayoeru Sekizō) is the 43rd episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation.


After being separated from Lenalee and Lavi, Allen and Krory come across a village. They find a group of villagers accusing a man called Selim of stealing a statue, who turn out to be Akuma. After defeating the Akuma, the villagers try to attack Allen and Krory for being monsters. After running away from the villagers, Selim tells them that he saw the stone statue walk away on its own. Allen believes the statue is being powered by Innocence, so the trio travel to the mountains to find it.

Lenalee and Lavi leave to find Bookman in order for him to heal Lenalee's injuries.

Back in the mountains, the group find the statue. Lulu Bell reveals that she caused the statue to move in order to lure the Exorcists into a trap. Allen and Krory fight the Akuma sent after them, but partway through Lulu Bell decides to retreat. The group find the statue and return it to the village.

When trying to cross a bridge to leave the village, Lulu Bell destroys the bridge in order to further delay Allen and Krory.


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