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Illusions in the Snow (白銀の幻影, Shirogane no Gen'ei) is the 46th episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation.


Allen and Krory head to China to meet Lenalee and Lavi. The guide they ask refuses to take them over the mountains to Tibet due to an oncoming storm, but a boy nearby offers to take them. The boy turns out to be Lulu Bell in disguise, who along with Mimi plans to kill them. The group decide to dig a hole in the side of the mountain to wait in until the storm passes.

During the night, Mimi transforms into people from Allen and Krory's past to lure them outside. An avalanche leads Lulu Bell and Mimi to believe the two are dead, but they are rescued by Bookman, Lavi, and Lenalee.


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