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The Crystal Girl (水晶の少女, Suishō no Shōjo) is the 47th episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation.


Allen, Lavi, Lenalee, and Bookman come across what appears to be a ghost town. A villager tells them that the lake that flows into their waterways is drying up, even after heavy rainfall. Lavi, Bookman, and Krory go to inspect the lake, with Allen and Lenalee staying behind in the town to question the villagers. They find out that around the same time as the water started drying up, the town's fortune teller stopped telling fortunes. However, the fortune teller's grandfather refuses to allow Allen and Lenalee to ask any questions and tells them to leave.

The same night, the fortune teller, Mei-Ling, comes to Lenalee and tells her she can no longer tell fortunes, as she threw her crystal ball into the lake a month ago. Akuma attack them during their talk, and also attack Lavi and Krory as they're diving in the lake.


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