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Blood Crusade (聖戦ブラッド, Seisen Buraddo) is the fourth episode of the anime adaptation D.Gray-Man Hallow. It first aired on July 25, 2016.


The episode opens with a dream of Allen. He is stabbed by his own sword and impaled to a wall . Suddenly he notices Mana and he follows him after reverting to a child. He wakes up with an eerie look with Lenalee nearby. Link orders them to open the door. Somewhere in a room with broken glass Tyki Mikk is suffering.

Yu Kanda is talking with Komui after the mission in Paris. On the way back he thinks about what happened with Allen when he was stabbed with the akuma. Afterwards Renny Epstain enters Komui's office. During a sparring match Marie and Allen discuss about akumas and the new exorcist Allen who destroyed a level 3. Marie lands a hit that sends Allen on a large man nearby. Goushi violently throws him on a pillar. The three individuals introduce themselves: Tokusa, Goushi and Madarao as well as the two with Renee: Madarao and Tewaku are a new type of exorcists, the third exorcists. Kanda visits Zuu Mei Chang to get back his reforged katana. The next third exorcists reminds some memories of a mysterious past to Kanda...

In London, a young hobo screeches. Two policemen approach and their heads implode while the young man awakens as a Noah after 35 years. The eleven other Noah appear to greet Wisely. Wisely presents each of them and calls Tyki "Joyd". This leaves him nostalgic. Wisely then explains him that he is the incarnation of the first Joydo of 7000 years ago and the history of the family. The Earl then announces his will to finish the war with this generation.

All around the world the exorcists are sent in mission and have to face clouds of akumas. Allen is exhausted after a huge attack , luckily Madarao and Tokusa come to the rescue. They absorb all the akumas and Tokusa starts to boast but he is interrupted by Tyki who cuts off both of his arms. All around the world the exorcists see members of the Noah Family appear in front of them. Link can't find Walker for the young exorcists and his colleagues have retreated in a cave. Tokusa explains the third exorcist program to Allen and asks Madarao to absorb him. Before he can do so Sheril Kamelot appears behind him and twists his limbs. Wisely appears before Kanda and asks him his name. Reading the answer he blows his brain.


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