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Set Sail to the East (出航、東へ, Shukkō, Higashi e) is the 51st episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation. This is the last episode of the first season.


Lenalee receives a call from Komui saying that they have found General Cross. They decide to take a break in the city and make a plan. Whilst chasing a cat for eating Tim, Akuma attack. They realize the Akuma followed them, so decide to hurry along to find Cross. They discover General Cross is the new boyfriend of Anita. However, she tells them that General Cross left some time ago, and that the ship he was on was attacked at sea and sank 8 days ago. After Allen tells her that there's no way Cross died, she says them will set sail at once for Japan, as his destination was Edo.

However, the Exorcists clash heads with the ship's captain before they board, and the captain makes Allen compete in an arm wrestling contest. Allen wins, and during the second round, Akuma attack them. Their heroic display earns the respect of the captain, and they board the ship and set sail to Japan.


  • This episode marks the return to the Canon episodes following the filler Lulu Bell's Attack Arc.


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