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Please note that this is the article on the episode 52 of the anime, if you are looking for the article on the other episode with a close title then you should head to Invasion.

Assault (来襲, Raishū) is the 52nd episode of the D.Gray-man anime adaptation. This is the first episode of the second season in Japan and first episode of the first part of the third season in the United States.


Tyki and Suman Dark's group are battling each other. Tyki kills two exorcists, and badly injures Suman. He then awakens in the house of a local family. Whilst the daughter fetches water from outside for him, a giant, white torso with a halo is seen bursting through the roof.

Whilst on the ship, Lenalee notices Allen's anti-Akuma weapon is crumbling. Their conversation is interrupted by an Akuma swarm passing overhead. A few decide to attack their ship for easy kills, and during the attack, Allen is taken by an Akuma. Lenalee chases after him.

Allen manages to escape, but is chased after by Akuma. He overhears their conversation about a job given to them by the Earl of Millennium. Lenalee rescues him, and then they see the giant white torso burst out of the ground. The Akuma are seen circling around it in formation and attacking it. Lenalee notices the face coming out of the torso belongs to Suman. She tells Allen the beast is called a Fallen One, who is someone that has failed to become an apostle.


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  • Due to licensing issues, Funimation could not release the second season in America for several years. As a consequence, this episode only aired on October 10, 2017 in America, seven years after the previous episode.


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