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Please note that this is the article on the anime episode, if you are looking for the article on humans punished by the innocence then you should head to Fallen One.

Fallen (咎落ち, Togaochi) is the 53rd episode of the D.Gray-man (Manga) anime adaptation.


Flashback to Lenalee as a child: she sees a young boy enter a room where Hevlaska tries to force an innocence fragment to synchronize with him. The experiment fails and turns the boy into a fallen one.

Back in the present, she tells Allen this happens when the synchronization rate is 0 or less and rejects them. If a non-accommodator tries to synchronize with innocence by force, they are punished, as it is a sin to betray the will of God. She said this practice is banned now.

Lenalee is confused that the face is Suman's, as he was an accommodator. Suman vaporizes the akuma attacking him, but another swarm take their place. Allen and Lenalee try to remove Suman from the body, but as they are about to they see a young girl also inside. Allen manages to pull her out, but then he himself is sucked in. All of Suman's emotions and memories begin flowing into Allen. Lenalee rushes the girl to the village doctor.

Allen sees that Suman chose to become a fallen one, as he betrayed the innocence by abandoning his friends and begging Tyki to spare his life. He realizes the innocence is trying to kill Suman, and tries to stop it. He sees Suman's innocence, which throws Allen outside of the body. He then tries to pull Suman from the torso, but it begins to move towards the village.


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