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The Beginning of the Night of the End (終わりの夜のはじまり, Owari no Yoru no Hajimari) is the 54th episode of the D.Gray-man (Manga) anime adaptation.


Allen continues trying to remove Suman from the body, telling him that it's feeding off of his destruction. As Suman continues to destroy, the innocence drains his life force. However, he doesn't listen and attacks Allen and then the village.

Lenalee talks to Komui, who tells her that Suman cannot be saved now that he has turned into a fallen one. He says there are only two ways it will end, either he is killed or he continues to destroy until all of his energy is drained.

Allen talks to Suman, and tells him that he knows he betrayed the Innocence because he wanted to live and see his family again, and that's why he sold his soul. He tries to separate Suman from his innocence using his anti-Akuma weapon, but when it transforms it causes him excruciating pain.


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