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Please note that this is the article on the anime episode, if you are looking for the article on the chapter of the same name then you should head to Weak Person (chapter).

Weak Person (ヨワキ ヒト, Yowaki Hito) is the 86th episode of the D.Gray-Man anime series.


Whilst Allen fights Tyki, Lavi tries to escape the dream Road has trapped him in. Back at the Black Order HQ, the Grand Marshalls, Komui, and Reever meet with Hevlaska, who says that a new point breaker has appeared. This is someone who has surpassed 100% synchronization with their innocence.


Continuing the battle between Allen Walker and Tyki Mikk, Allen uses Crown Clown to defeat a swarm of Teez. He then takes on a blast of the Noah's power. A flashback shows Komui warning him that if he comes into contact with the Noah once again he is to evade such an attack. His anti-Akuma weapon is heavily damaged as the force of the blast makes him crash again the dice-like prison that traps Lenalee and Chaozii and he is knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, tapped in Road's dream, Lavi wakes up on a canoe with Bookman. Bookman tells Lavi that they will record the battle between exorcists and Akuma by joining the Black Order. Lavi suddenly realizes that he is still in Road's Dream World and he was being shown a memory and he states he will go back. His clone appears and states that as a Bookman his place is as a witness and an observer and he thus does not have any place to go back to.


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