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The Epstain Family is one of the key contributing and controlling families that supports the Black Order. Its current head is Renny Epstain.


Like the Chang Clan, the Epstain Family has a history of being skilled in magic and science. The Epstain Family was one of the major contributors to the Second Exorcist Program,[1][2] where they used their skills to act as caretakers for Second Exorcists.[3]

The Epstain Family also has an affiliation to the North American Branch, with Renny Epstain acting as the current Branch Head. Renny was also the technical skill behind science of the successor to the Second Exorcist Program, the Third Exorcist Program.[4][5][6]

Family Members[]

Name Position Status
Renny Epstain Family Head; Head of the North American Branch Alive
Sahlins Epstain Former Family Head; Black Order Science Council Chairman Deceased

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