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All exorcists go off to their missions from here. So, some people call this base "home".

The European Branch (or simply Headquarters (本部, Honbu)), located in England, is one of the seven branches of the Black Order as well as the main branch, overseen by Branch Chief and Chief Officer Komui Lee and Chief Assistant Bridget Faye. Recently, Lenalee was replaced as the Chief Assistant by Bridget Faye. This is the base of all appointed Exorcists.

The headquarters were relocated here after the previous one underwent massive damages.


The European Branch follows the traditional organization that all branches of the Black Order follow, with a Branch Chief and Chief Assistant overseeing general operation and seven subdivisions functioning concurrently. In addition, though, because it is the main branch, Branch Chief Komui Lee also acts as the Chief Officer, and can give orders to the other six branches.

Special DutiesEdit

Being the main branch, the European Branch takes data from the other six branches, analyzes it and dispenses orders according to what they find. Their Science Division is presumed by the other branches to be the cream of the crop, as most other Science Division members (such as Rohfa, Rikei and Shifu) seem to aspire to transferring to the main branch Science Division.



European Branch's new location, with Headquarters on the southern end of the island and an unnamed town on the northeastern end.

The European Branch used to be located in the Former Headquarters.

After the attack of the Level 4 Akuma, though, the European Branch as relocated to a far less conspicuous-looking building on an island near London. The newer building seems to be larger than the last, as it now hosts two new sections of the Science Division and a much larger chamber for Hevlaska.

The facility is made of a main building that looks like a cathedral , a long building on the left and two smaller buildings on the right. The whole is surrounded by walls which are surrounded by the forst except for the water

way. In the building we can find some notable rooms:

  1. Entry Hall: the main hall is huge and surrounded by corridors that lead to the other parts of the facility. At the middle of it is the ark gate 9 that is linked to the church of Father Frederico.

    The Entry Hall

  2. Komui's office:
    New komui office
  3. Library
  4. Reunion room
    New reunion room
  5. Cafeteria, Lounge
    New Cafeteria
  6. Medical ward
    New Infirmary
  7. Dungeon
  8. Training rooms

The island also hosts an unnamed town on the northeastern end, with the European Branch being located on the southwestern end. A stretch of forest and a land bridge separate the two locations.


European Branch Hierarchy
Branch Chief
Komui Lee
Assistant Branch Chief
Bridget Faye
Science Section
Division Chiefs
Reever Wenhamm Legory Peck Mark Burroughs
Division Chief Assistants
Johnny Gill  Matthew  ????
Other Members
Cash Dop Tup Dop  Gigi Lujun Number 65  Rob Neal
Marvin Huskin
Intelligence Section
Unit Leaders
Becham Decket
Other Members
Buzz Toma Maosa Kie Miss Bonnaire
Gozu Doug   ???? Devon  Michael 
Danny  Eams  
Security Section
Section Chief
Other Members
The Gatekeeper  Father Frederico  ????  ????
Logistics Section
Head Chef
Other Members
Emilia Galmar Lenalee and Kanda's tutor 
Medical Section
Section Chief
Head Nurse
Head Nurse
Other Members
 ???? Nurse in love with Krory



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