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Please note that this is the article on the new European Branch, if you are looking for the article on the previous European Branch then you should head to Former Headquarters.

All exorcists go off to their missions from here. So, some people call this base "home".

The European Branch (or simply Headquarters (本部, Honbu)), is one of the seven branches of the Black Order as well as the main branch, overseen by Branch Chief and Chief Officer Komui Lee and Chief Assistant Bridget Faye.


The European Branch follows the traditional organization that all branches of the Black Order follow, with a Branch Chief and Chief Assistant overseeing general operation and seven subdivisions functioning concurrently. In addition, though, because it is the main branch, Branch Chief Komui Lee also acts as the Chief Officer, and can give orders to the other six branches.

Special Duties[]

Being the main branch, the European Branch takes data from the other six branches, analyzes it and dispenses orders according to what they find. Their Science Division is presumed by the other branches to be the cream of the crop, as most other Science Division members (such as Rohfa, Rikei and Shifu) seem to aspire to transferring to the main branch Science Division.


After the Level 4 Akuma laid waste to their former headquarters, the European Branch was relocated to a far less conspicuous-looking building in Southern Europe.[1]

The site contains a church, priests' apartments, a medical wing, training grounds, a lodging house, large baths, administrative block, and a recreation building. Outside the walls which surround the site, there is a dense forest, which separates it from the urban area.[1]

Medical Wing and Training Grounds[]

This building was made to look after the welfare of the members of the Order, allowing them to train and get medical treatment. The inside structure of the building is almost symmetrical, and contains 4 floors, and 2 basement levels.[1]

Top floor[]

The top floor is an attic storeroom.[1]

3rd & 2nd Floors[]

The 3rd and 2nd floors both have the same structure, and contain two types of hospital rooms: individual, private quarters, and larger communal wards. Both floors also have two linen closets under the stairwells at both ends. While these closets are in the same position on each floor, the set up of the hospital rooms differs.[1]

1st Floor[]

The 1st floor has a training room, as well as locker rooms and shower rooms (both of which are separated by gender). It also houses the Order's medical facilities, such as medical examination and operating rooms, which take up left side of the floor.[1]

Basement Levels 1 & 2[]

Both basement levels are spacious training rooms where Order members can work out and train hard.[1]


There is a large water fountain on the plaza outside the buiding, where members of the Order often relax. The plaza is also used as a place to go go for a run.[1]

Lodging House[]

The lodging house has 7 floors as well as a basement level. It is a huge building which can accommodate roughly 400 people.[2]

Top Floor[]

The top floor is an attic storeroom.[2]

6th Floor[]

The 6th floor contains private rooms which are for Generals and VIP guests.[2]

5th Floor[]

The 5th floor has rooms which are shared between 2-4 people, which are for Finders.[2]

4th - 2nd Floors[]

Floors 4 - 2 have rooms which are shared between 2-4 people, which are for Exorcists and high-ranking personnel. Floors 2 and 3 also have bay windows, whereas every floor above them does not. The 4th floor is exclusively for women.[2]

1st Floor[]

The 1st floor is made up of 4-to-a-room dormitories, which are for ordinary, rank-and-file staff. Like floors 2 and 3, this floor has bay windows.[2]


On the left side of the basement is the personal effects vault—a room where things related to deceased members of the Order are stored, having never been returned to their families. On the right side, there are large baths and changing rooms, which are separated by gender.[2]

Administrative Block[]

An office building used by each group within the Order. Important meetings are also held in the meeting room within the building.[3]

Science Division Floor[]

There is often a strange smoke that rises from this floor, as the members of the Science Division work hard and tirelessly on their research. Also, there is a monument of The Gatekeeper, who was in charge of guarding the entrance to the old headquarters. It is rumored that strange things began happening the night they put it on display.[3]

Komui's Office[]

This is the room where Komui carries out his work. Just like his office in the previous headquarters, the floor is covered in paperwork, leaving no place to stand.[3]


The church is a place to prayer for fallen allies. It was built at the center of headquarters as ordered by the Pope. Just like the old headquarters, it is very likely that funerals will be held in this church. Behind the church there are the priests' apartments.[3]

Church Basement[]

Within the basement is a secure dungeon where rebels are placed. It is where Allen was detained for concealing the whereabouts of the Second Exorcists.[4]

When arrested, inmates will have their feet tied together with iron chains, and in some cases, a “CROW” amulet may be used to restrain them further.[4]

Inside the cell, there is nothing but a bed, table, and chair. Outside the cell, there is a dedicated passageway which has two doors, outside of which security guards are placed.[4]

Inspectors from Central are free to come and go as they please.[4]

Cafeteria and Recreation[]

An area where Order members can restore their energy and spirits. It has a library with large windows and sofas, as well as a lounge where everyone likes to gather. The building has 6 floors and a basement.[5]

Top Floor[]

The top floor is an attic storeroom.[5]

5th - 2nd Floors[]

These floors contain staff dormitories.[5]

1st Floor[]

The 1st Floor contains a recreation room, bar, sunroom, kitchen, and a cafeteria. There is also a passageway to another staff dormitory.[5]


The basement is a storeroom.[5]


The site is surrounded by a dense forest and deep ocean.

The main entrance to headquarters is a small, hollowed out inlet in the seaward side of the cliff, which can be reached by boat. Since the general public cannot know the location of the Black Order headquarters, this entrance is rarely used. The other entrance is one that goes through the forest.[6]

The Ocean[]

The old Ark that was successfully taken from The Millennium Earl is submerged beneath the sea near headquarters, and is now used as a means of transportation.[6]



European Branch Hierarchy
Branch Chief
Komui Lee
Assistant Branch Chief
Bridget Faye
Science Section
Division Chiefs
Reever Wenhamm Legory Peck Mark Burroughs
Division Chief Assistants
Johnny Gill  Matthew  ????
Other Members
Cash Dop Tup Dop  Gigi Lujun Number 65  Rob Neal
Marvin Huskin
Intelligence Section
Unit Leaders
Becham Decket
Other Members
Buzz Toma Maosa Kie Miss Bonnaire
Gozu Doug   ???? Devon  Michael 
Danny  Eams  
Security Section
Section Chief
Other Members
The Gatekeeper  Father Frederico  ????  ????
Logistics Section
Head Chef
Other Members
Emilia Galmar Lenalee and Kanda's tutor 
Medical Section
Section Chief
Head Nurse
Head Nurse
Other Members
 ???? Nurse in love with Krory



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