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Fan is a little chinese girl who lived next to Guangzhou with her family. They rescued and hosted Suman Dark before he woke up.


Fan is a young asian girl with black(brown in the anime) pigtails. She wears traditionnal chinese clothings.


Suman Dark's fallen arc[]

Fan is seen with her family noticing Suman's awakening. She asks him if he feels fine. She is then sent to look for some water for him but just after leaving the house she hears a noise. She turns back to see a gigantic torso destroying the roof of the house.[1]

Later when Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker reach Suman's main body, they see her trapped in the fallen's body. Fan manages to ask them for help and Allen grabs her to remove her from the structure. However the body catches him in return and he barely had the time to entrust Lenalee with Fan.[2] Lenalee then realizes that the little girl is not breathing anymore and she has to head back to the gorund to make mouth to mouth to her.[3]

Fan is later seen safe and sound next to Lenalee.[4]


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