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Father Frederico is a priest of a church. He serves as an intermediate to go to the current Headquarters of the Black Order since the Gate 28 is in his church.


He appears as an amiable and smiling person.


Father Frederico is a man of average height. He is somewhat young and has long light hair with a strand on the right side of his face and a braid behind his head. He wears an ecclesiastical garb.


Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc

Frederico meets Allen, Kanda, Miranda and Link when they go to his chuch to join the new Headquarters of the Black Order. He gives his hand to Miranda so that she can write the secret password on it. Miranda shakes it instead and she doesnt remember the password to what Frederico seems rather embarassed. He then explains that if she doesnt have the password he can't let her in. Frederico finally let them in and reach the gate .

Phantom Thief G arc

Father Frederico will temporarily host the Reverend Mother of hearst orphenage.


  • Frederico doesn't appear in D.Gray-man Hallow due to the adaptation of the beginning of the series.
  • Frederico does charity work as a hobby, he likes children and dislikes unorthodox lives. He needs a bible.[1]


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