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We don't fight for the sake of fighting. Nor do we live for the sake of fighting. It's because we have things that are precious to us. I think that's why people fight.
— For

For (フォー, ; Viz "Fo") is a member of security section of the Asian Branch of the Black Order. A humanoid being made of a complex combination of technology and spells, For is the embodiment of the Asian Branch's guardian deity, though she can also be summoned directly to Bak Chang's side when needed once he uses the spirit stone on his hat.


For appears to be of average height for her physical age. Short, reddish-pink hair pokes out from under her purple hat to frame her face, with matching purple clothes that resemble a tube top and bikini. On her forehead and down her sides are geometric teal markings, and her arms, instead of ending in human-like hands, appear to be large, mitten-like appendages that she can transform into weapons.


For has a very hot-headed personality and often yells at people. She is very tough and straightforward but she cares about people around her, although she often tricks them and beats up some of her closest friends (usually Bak). She is very strong-willed and won't take "no" for an answer and she believes that you have to try your hardest when you want to protect someone.

Inside the shell, she is very caring and is willing to give her life for the sake of those she loves.

She is very attached to the Chang clan and faithfully serves every clan head.[1]

Personal Statistics

Statistics Previous[2] Current[3]
Sophistication 2 2
Humanity 4 4
Work Ability 5 -
Combat Ability 5 5
Mental 3 5
Flexibility 3 3
Extra Statistics
Attentiveness 2 4


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