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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Allen and For 2

For Training with Allen

Body transformation: For is able to transform parts of her body into different objects, usually weapons, or even change her whole appearance to mimic someone else's. She showed this power while training Allen Walker to regain his Innocence by transforming her hands into blade weapons and later during the Akuma Level 3 Thread's invasion of the Asian Branch by taking on Allen's appearance so she could fool him to keep Allen safe.

Remote Viewing: For can use the deity symbols within the Asian headquarters to view other locations without having to be there personally.

Telepathic communication: For is shown to be able to communicate with others using her mind.

Barrier Creation: The headquarters of the Asian Branch is protected by a powerful barrier For has created and maintains, which has done so for over a hundred years. For herself is the entrance into the barrier. Such is it's strength the Level 3 Akuma, Thread, had to use Noah's Ark's doors to bypass the barrier and enter into the headquarters. Presumably after Thread's defeat, the barrier was instated. Whether a means has been found by the Asian Branch to block further such intrusions is unknown at this time.

Expert Combatant: For is shown to be stronger, faster and tougher then a regular human, as given her supernatural origins. She can easily overwhelm a trained human like Allen Walker in hand to hand combat. Although she had trouble dealing with Thread she could hold off a Noah level opponent.