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The Former Headquarters is the previous location of the European Branch of the Black Order. It had to be abandoned following the Invasion of the Black Order and the Destruction of the Black Order arcs.


The original facility was located at the top of a dangerous-looking plateau in Northern Europe,[1] seemingly for security reasons. It was a campanile-like building which tapers towards the top.

It was surrounded by a thick forest which could only be reached by climbing a precipitous cliff, and the entrance of the building was guarded by The Gatekeeper.[1]


The top level of the tower was mostly made up of rooms belonging to the Exorcists and Black Order staff. Even though the rooms were not very spacious, the decorations gave each room personality.[1]

Kanda's Room[]

Kanda’s room was gloomy and dark. Besides the bed which was there as standard, there were no personal belongings. There was, however, a flower vase which stood out from the rest of the room.[2]

Reever's Room[]

Reever’s room had the appearance typical of someone from the Science Department. The room was filled with research papers. It seems that even after returning to his own room, he was unable to escape from work.[2]

Lavi & Bookman's Room[]

The whole floor was covered by stacks of books and paper containing information collected from around the world. Lavi slept on the bottom bunk, Bookman slept on the top bunk.[2]

Allen's Room[]

Since Allen’s room was collateral damage after the incident with Komlin, he moved to the storage room next to the cafeteria. He started living there after the room was modified.[2]

Lenalee's Room[]

This room was prepared for Lenalee by Komui. It was decorated with furniture with Komui’s picture printed on it. The taste in decor was really poor, and Lenalee never used it.[2]

Johnny's Room[]

Johnny’s room was a mess, and was full of things which pertain to his interests.[2]

Cross' Room[]

Cross' room was full of thick cobwebs, which indicates he had not used it for a long time. The floor was also littered with empty bottles.[2]

Medical Wing[]

This was the floor which catered to injured people. This was an important facility for the Exorcists and Finders who had completed dangerous missions.[3]


The large bath was built under orders from Komui. Originally, all the rooms had their own shower, but the bath was built in order to foster better relations between the Order members. It was designed to look like a Japanese onsen, and the effects of the hot water is unknown.[3]

Training Dojo[]

This was where the members of the Order trained. It had 3 floors.[3]


The kitchen was located beside the cafeteria, and food could be enjoyed freshly cooked. The skills of the head chef, Jeryy, are phenomenal. He can cook anything, Japanese, Western or Chinese cuisine. The cafeteria was a place to rest for Black Order members.[3]

Main Door[]

Located at the entrance was a giant door, which was guarded by The Gatekeeper, and anyone who entered needed to be scanned. Normally, those involved with the Order would enter through the waterway.[3]

Main Hall[]

The large main hall was located on the first basement. It was a symbol to Order members who work for God. The deceased were placed in the holy hall for a while before undergoing cremation.[3]

Conference Room[]

When discussing battle plans, the supervisor’s office was normally used, but the conference room was used only when entertaining important guests; it was where the higher-ups discussed important matters.[3]


Komui’s room and the secret laboratories were located here. The labs were quite spacious.[4]

Science Division[]

The floor which housed the Science Division, the pride of the Order. It was divided into a few levels according to ability. The scientists who worked there seemed to consider the area a living space.[4]

Supervisor’s Office, Surveillance Room, and Operation Room[]

These facilities were connected to the Science Division. As well as Komui’s office, there was an operation room where he repaired Innocence. There was also a surveillance room which could constantly monitor the interior of the Headquarters and other technical facilities.[4]

Research Rooms[]

As well as experiments and research, this was where the Exorcists’ weapons were crafted. It occupied a very large area, and was also where the Akuma Egg was stored.[4]


Unlike the building, which looked historical, headquarters was filled with the latest technology. One of these was the reliable elevator. It had direct access to Hevlaska’s chamber, and had a cannon attached. The reason for the cannon is unknown.[4]

There was also a small elevator used for transporting goods. It was able to access the underground facilities.[4]

Hevlaska's Chamber[]

Hevlaska's chamber was located underground, as is the place where Hevlaska waited for orders. Because it was the place where Innocence was stored, security was very tight. It was also the place where the Exorcists went to get assessed when they arrived at the Order. The Great Generals on the right were dolls; they served as a communication line to Central to exchange information.[5]

Underground Waterway[]

Because of the dangerous terrain, the underground waterway was the main way to enter and exit Headquarters. When Exorcists were dispatched, row boats were used, which gave off an unexpected traditional and ancient atmosphere. The size of the whole waterway network is unknown.[5]


The headquarters were surround by dense forest. Even though it was a creepy forest meant to deter intruders, the cliff needed to be climbed first before reaching the forest, so it was impossible for normal people to mistakenly wander onto the site.[5]



The Facility had been used by the Black Order as headquarters for about one hundred years. During those decades, many Exorcists and regular members of the Black Order had lived there.

The Experiments[]

As accomodators are incredibly rare and Exorcists kept dying on the battlefield, the Black Order decided to do experiments on the relatives on the dead Exorcists and their Innocence. They soon noticed that the synchronization rate with Exorcist's relatives was higher than with other humans even though it was still not enough to correctly synchronize with the Innocence. As a consequence, all the family members who were used in these experiments became Fallen Ones and eventually died. There were 61 of them:

Kate Brolly, Fanny Leroux, Olivier Virenque, Ottmar Dach, Celestine Duclay, Ernest Conan, Delphine Baum , Sim Poll, Lize Rolens, Amadeo Kier, Adolf Ende, Estelle Imelda, Zoe Cynthia, Zephyr Pucci, Siméon du Vilepin, Marie Louis, Jayia Nicola, Ava Braun, Froly Ringer, Federico Fuller, Gustav Sinclair, Barnaby Marton, Arcia Tsvet, Gianni Proscienzzo, Thomas, Brody, Brahim Auteuil, Sammy Greenburg, Alva Cederlund, Konrad Toushec, Evarist Ducas, Ferdinand Berlioz, Richard Veil, Roger Ardan, Ségolène Galois, Augusto Dorno, Orner Bohlin, Tila Orman, Indra Dahlstrøm, Leona Eilman, Julian Ringer, Laurence Dion, Emile Dumont, Jacob Cress, Jerry d’Estaing, Susan Unver, Lily Chen, Theo Morris, Calista Veil, Jerry d’Estaing, Jules Thomas, Bruno Meitner, Karl Schmidt, Hector Greff, Alice Eilman, Benedita Runarata, Odile Carnap, Mathilda Kerholm, Josephine Sickler, Apolline Rousseau, Louise Nicolas-Ledoux, Virginie Fraga[6]

One of them was seen deafened by the failed synchronization by Lenalee Lee.

Eight years ago, Komui Lee was transferred to the European Branch and became the new Branch Chief. He abolished these experiments.


It was invaded by Noah Lulu Bell and an army of Akuma. Despite everyone's efforts to defend headquarters, a Level 4 was born during the battle and destroyed a huge portion of the building after managing to breach Lab 5. Central decided to have headquarters moved to an island in Southern Europe.



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