D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Franz (フランツ, Furantsu) is a villager of the village within the Krorys lands in Romania. After being bitten to death by Arystar Krory, he was later revealed to have been impersonated by a level 1 Akuma.


Franz is a rather man with messy lightly-colored hair. He appears to have dark marks around his eyes.


As a level 1 Akuma he had a simple-minded, killing-driven personality.


Franz, like all Akumas, presumably lost a loved one and attempted to bring this person back with the help of the Earl. The Akuma then took his body and assumed his role.

The Akuma was sent by the Earl with a group of other Level 1s, commanded by Eliade to investigate in Krory's barony. He then concealed himself among the villagers.


Franz is in the crowd who captured Allen Walker and then Lavi to help them get rid of the vampire. The group then heads to the castle but they are suddenly attacked by the vampire. With an astounding speed Krory grabs Franz's throat with his fangs. He then proceeds to suck out all his blood in front of the horrified eyes of the villagers. Krory doesn't let Franz's body go even as he fights the two Exorcists, the baron eventually retreats, and take Franz with him.

Back in the castle, Krory reverts to a less ferocious personality and cries, asking if Franz is still alive. Eliade answers that the man is dead and that they shall bury him with the others.

On her way to the graveyard while carrying the body, Eliade finds the two Exorcists struggling with the carnivorous plants. Allen explains that they came for Franz and Eliade decides to "give it to him" by tossing Franz"s corpse right into the plants's gob.


Upon discovering that all the tombs in the graveyard belong to Akuma, Allen and Lavi realize that Franz must have been an Akuma as well.