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This character, place, item or organisation originated in the anime and has never appeared in any work considered part of the manga canon.

Frey (フレイ, Furei) is the father of Elda and Jacob and also the husband of Elda's Mother. He has a ambition of searching the Leaf of Revival to revive his son.


Frey has a elder appearance, having grey hair and black eyes. He wears a brown cap , brown jacket and brown boots when he goes outside. When he is inside the inn, he has a turquoise shirt.


Before the death of his son, he has a cheering personality, knowing to spend a lot of time with his family. He mostly played with Elda and Jacob, evenly that Jacob's leg where in a bad condition. After the death of his son, he become more isolated in his ambition of finding the Leaf of Revival and makes his own decisions in achieving that goal and become more selfish and rude to one or another person. He don't want no any help from any strangers except from his family. He doesn't care about the dangers and evenly near death situation of finding it, he only wants to revive his son and want to live happy together in one family. After the whole incident, his selfishness has been gone, and shows again happiness to peoples to who he cares, including Elda.


Elda's home

Frey's house in flames.

He has happy memories with his family, spending time with his families. Playing with his two kids Elda and Jacob. They where a family of four, himself, his wife, his daughter and his son. But their house got burned down with Jacob still in it. He tried to rescue him but it didn't succeed. Jacob told him that he must go with his wife and Elda and watches how the flames kill Jacob. He then gets dwelling memories about what he shared with family and doesn't look to his daughter Elda any more. Since that day, he made a ambition of finding the Leaf of Revival to revive his son.