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Froi Tiedoll (フロワ・ティエドール, Furowa Tiedōru) is a General Exorcist of the European Branch of the Black Order. He is the leader of Tiedoll Unit and the master of Yu Kanda, Noise Marie, Daisya Barry and Chaozii Han.


Tiedoll is a scruffy man with fluffy hair of a greying-light brown hue (grey in 2006 anime)— making him appear older than he actually is— which he keeps tied in the back. He wears glasses and is typically seen with a canvas hanging from his neck by a string. When traveling, he tends to wear tattered cloaks over his uniform, which is often dirty and in poor repair. He also has a mustache and an unkempt beard. Physically, Tiedoll has a rather lean and muscular build for a man of his age.


Tiedoll seems to be a very normal man behind his glasses, with artistic talents and a sensible side. He is very loyal to his work, and he refuses the order to go back to the Black Order's HQ.[1] Like his fellow general, Yeegar, Tiedoll is more of a teacher than a fighter. He dedicates himself to finding new Exorcists and looks forward to taking on new apprentices. He is kind, as he cried when one of his apprentices, Daisya Barry, was killed in action, wishing him to rest in peace.[2] He also treats his apprentices--Yu Kanda, Noise Marie, and Daisya Barry—as his own children. Chaozii, Tiedoll's newest apprentice, states that, at one point, Tiedoll seemed kind of strange but kind of cool as well and that he looked forward to being his student. He is also apparently very keen on taking on new apprentices, insisting he takes on Timothy even though its already been decided Klaud Nine was to do it.[3] He often stops, even when on important missions, to sketch the nearby scenery. Being an artist, he appreciates the small things in life and the world's natural hidden beauty. Tiedoll is a pious man, believing that God will provide them with new apostles to save the world.

Tiedoll is faithful to the Black Order but he is capable of disobeying the rules of the organization if he deems that the situation requires it. He is a very grateful man as shown when he helped Allen Walker escape London and the Black Order pursuers primarily out of gratefulness for Allen helping out his pupil 3 months earlier.

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[4] Current[5]
Sophistication 5 5
Humanity 5 2
Combat Ability 5 5
Mental 5 5
Flexibility 4 5
Extra Statistics
Crying 5 -
Love for his apprentices - 5


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