D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Froi Tiedoll and his team VS Giant Akumas
  • Froi Tiedoll, Miranda, Marie and Bookman VS hordes of Giant Akumas
  • Froi Tiedoll and other Generals against Level 3 and Giant Akumas
  • Froi Tiedoll VS Level 4


  • "Witness the Beauty of this World"


  • Tiedoll enjoys sketching and chatting with Hevlaska. He likes art, nature, the world and his pupils and dislikes numbers and warped things.[1][2]
  • Tiedoll was originally intended to be a cold-hearted man who would only care for his pupil on the surface but the author changed her mind and made him a deeply feeling and slightly annoying person instead. [3]
  • Tiedoll is younger than he looks.
  • Froi is the only active exorcist who is unseen during the Artificial Exorcists Arc.
  • Tiedoll always carries an ear pick. [2]


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