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The Garvey Circus was a travelling circus troupe that performed in Great Britain. This is the troupe in which Allen Walker, then called "Red", grew up and met Mana Walker.


At some point, a boy with a red arm was sold to the circus. The circus accepted the offer, hoping to parade him in a freak show. The boy was nicknamed Red.

Cosimov was Garvey Circus' star performer for a time, however, when a new clown named Mana Walker joined them, he swiftly began to outshine Cosimov.


Circus Numbers[]

  • Mana's number: Mana performs a clown number with the help of his dog
  • Beast taming. The artist tames a lion.
  • Trapeze Lady



  1. Chapter 235 : The man is seen arriving in the same group as Mana and Cosimov. They are congratulated for their performance.